18 Moms Share Their Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases

May 29, 2018


I should have titled this 20 things you didn’t know you needed from Amazon – since I put at least 3 of these items in my Amazon cart! I polled The Mama Notes Inner Circle (read about it here — basically a group of moms who share their thoughts and insight with us) about what their favorite recent Amazon purchase was and I loved reading through the responses. There are so many great ones that I split this into two posts! You can expect the other one next week!

The Kiinde bottle system. -I am exclusively pumping and they are a life saver. Also, the willow hands free pump is amazing (I dont think its sold on amazon but I love it).

Dapple Bottle and Dish soap. -This is a clean product that has no scent and leaves bottles with no milk/formula smell.

Zutano booties – they stay on little baby feet so well. Toddler stay-in-bed clock – our son was coming out of his room very early. The clock turns green when he is allowed to come out, and it is so helpful. He definitely obeys it. When it turns green he announces, “Clock is green. Time to be all done.”

Acupressure mat. Great for releasing tension on my back and neck from breastfeeding or baby wearing.

Nooni Apple Water Protective Lip Oil-it’s amazing.

Wool dryer balls – I didn’t think something so simple could make such a difference! My laundry dries faster, towels & sheets come out fluffier, plus you can add your own essential oils to the dryer balls as well!

Baby leg warmers! My little wears a harness to help correct hip dysphasia so she cannot wear pants or zip up/snap up footsies. Just onesies. Leg warmers help us dress it up and keep her warm. Also makes for easier diaper changes!

Palo Santo sticks, originally bought with the cheesy idea of smudging the house for good energy – but everyone loves the scent and it’s our new preferred air freshener.

A crazy Korean face mask called “Elizavecca Milky Piggy”… it’s carbonated and bubbles (and has 5k reviews)!

Maymom Baby Bottle Thread Changer or Bottle Converter- Allow Spectra S1 S2 Pumps’ Wide Mouth Flanges to use Medela Bottles, Ameda Bottles, Lifefactory Bottles, Dr. Brown Narrow Neck Bottles, 4pc It allows me to use all my Medela bottles with my new Spectra pump.

Shrunks inflatable travel bed for toddler.

LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine – I love it because we can take it anywhere so that he can nap on the go.

Camilla Teething Relief! Natural and is the only thing that has worked for us (other than Tylenol)

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up!!! Our 3 month old hated being swaddled with his arms down, but had a strong startle reflex and needed to be contained. The swaddle up was perfect for him because it allowed his hands to be up near his face, but still kept him from startling himself awake. The best part (which I didn’t realize until now), is that it allowed him to learn how to self sooth (hands by mouth) and now uses that self soothing technique to put himself to sleep on his own at bedtime! Win!!

JJ Cole Bundleme – way better than my 15-month old kicking off a blanket on walks!

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail File because it is easy to use and I am not afraid of cutting my child’s finger off with scissors.

Rumparooz diaper cover. So cute and the Velcro fastener makes it super easy to change my squirmy 10 month old!

Clip on flexible arch of toys by Tiny Love, works on stroller, car seat, bassinet, rock & play, bouncy seat, lots to pull kick touch and just look at.



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