20 Things To Do This Summer

June 20, 2017

Summer is here! Here’s my over-zealous summer wish list, I hope we can cross at least a few of these off!

Take an overnight trip to the beach.

Go camping.

Take a hike / nature walk in a nearby park.

Go pick peaches.

Get an outdoor dining set and eat dinner in our backyard a few nights a week.

Try new & interesting recipes on the grill.

Have friends over more for dinner, play dates and brunch.

Visit D.C. and go to a museum on a hot day.

Make fun popsicles.

Take a boat ride.

Make s’mores in the backyard.

Go to one of the summer outdoor movies our town has.

Get ice cream downtown.

Make ice cream.

Visit the farmer’s market every weekend.

Play in the sprinkler.

Let Piper stay up to play in the yard with fireflies .

Go to the state fair.

Plant a vegetable garden.

Go to a splash pad.

Image by Anna Reynal 



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