Piper’s 23 Month Update!



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I have an almost 2 year old on my hands! Our days have been full of laughs, songs and fun and of course a little frustration which I think is to be expected at this age. Here’s my last update before Piper turns two in a few weeks!


I honestly have no clue! We haven’t been to the doctor since Piper’s 18 month visit and won’t return until mid-July! She’s wearing a size 2T very comfortably. Nothing seems to be big on her like it has in the past, I’m guessing her percentiles will be way up on this next visit!


Piper is somewhat back to her normal routine, I think she’s just going to be an early riser from now on. Gone are the days of a 7am wake up, it’s between 5:30-6:30 now! She still takes her nap at 1pm for 1-2 hours.


Swimsuit // Turband Headband // Book 


Thankfully Piper turned a curve with her picky eating and will usually at least try what I serve her — this is progress that I’ll take! Thanks to all the mamas for the suggestions in our private Facebook group (click here to join) on how to deal with this.  She loves rice and pasta dishes so I try to sneak in veggies whenever I can with those. For the most part I’m only giving her what we eat for dinner and try to ensure there’s at  least one thing on her plate I know she’ll eat. For breakfast she’s been loving frozen multigrain waffles with Earth Balance, yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs and mini bagels! By far the best meal of the day for her and I try to take advantage of that and hit all the food groups!

Dress // Sandals // Hat (Old Navy, not sold online)


Piper has changed so much in the last few months. She’s talking in sentences, learns new words every day and always surprises me with what she understands and remembers. It’s truly an incredible time to be her mother and watch her grow and develop, I feel so honored to get to experience this season of life with her at home. She’s counting ALL the time, whenever she can along with singing the ABC’s on repeat. She’s pretty much always singing one of her lullabies or songs from music class! We’ve registered her to start school in the fall and it’s such a bittersweet feeling! She’ll be in a 2’s program at a private school in Annapolis and I feel really comfortable and ready for her to be in an educational setting with other kids! She starts after Labor Day and will only be going 3 full days a week so I’ll have her home with me on the other two :)


Salt Water Sandals: Pretty much the only shoes Piper’s wearing these days. I love that they can get wet and go with everything from leggings to shorts and of course dresses! We have the brown and silver colors.

Lawn Mower: By far the most used outdoor toy aside from our DIY water table! She probably uses this every day!

Mustela Mineral Sunscreen Stick: Love this easy to apply stick for Piper’s face, I keep it in the diaper bag.

Build-A-Bouquet Toy: Piper got this for Christmas and has been playing with it NON-STOP lately. She’s really good at making pretty flowers and loves to give them to everyone, its so sweet and really entertains her.

Twistable Crayons: I gave up on the regular crayons after I continued to find them broken on Piper’s playroom rug with all the wrappers peeled off – instead I read that these crayons are great for toddlers and that’s certainly the truth! She’s loved to color so much more since we got them, they are easy to hold and you don’t have to push down as hard to use them. There’s also no tempting wrapper to peel!


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Piper’s 23 Month Update!



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