Piper Rose’s 4 Month Update



Piper's 4 Month Update

Goodness….. almost half a year? Gah!! Piper Rose is now 4 months old and has changed so much this month! She’s such an active, happy and alert baby! She’s still a tiny little thing but is so strong. It was a big month for us — we traveled with Piper to California to meet her great grandmother & aunt (she did great!), she started rolling over and sleeping in her crib. I love putting together these monthly updates and it seems you guys like reading them too. This month I’m sharing the products we are loving right now in a separate post — hopefully on Friday so keep your eyes peeled for that! 


Play date with our best friend, Vivi! (Piper is wearing a Peek Kids sweater & Carter’s Jeans) 

WEIGHT & LENGTH: We just went to the doctor for Piper’s 4 month visit (and shots!) and Piper is almost 12 pounds and 24 inches long. My long and lean baby! 

FEEDING: Piper still feeds every 2-3 hours. Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed my supply feels like it’s dropping a bit (I’ve read this is typical for 4 months) so I’ve been trying to drink much more water, this Earth Mama Angel Baby tea and made a giant batch of dairy lactation cookies — I’ll share it soon. I think its helping. Piper just looooooves her bottles and has a hard time transitioning back to the breast sometimes since it’s much more work for her! To help with her sleep we’ve also started ‘topping her off’ with a bottle before bed which has been helpful! 


Sometimes we don’t like to model for Mama’s camera…Wearing knee socks & Max doll from our A Little Bundle collab and June & January headband 

DEVELOPMENT: So many changes! Piper started rolling over from BOTH sides this month! She loves to roll around so much now on the floor, she just rolls and rolls and will roll right off the blanket! She gets up on all 4’s (looks like she’s going to crawl) and holds her head high and pushes herself around the floor and crib. She’s started grabbing toys and batting at them and constantly has something in her mouth. On the hunt for a few great chew toys (we have Sophie and Chewbeads). She really likes to have books read to her and will quietly sit and look at the pictures and try to grab the book. She’s really happy 85% of the day and we feel so grateful for that. Oh, she loves to dance with you! Her expression is the best- pure joy! Can’t wait to have Christmas music on 24/7 soon for her! 

SLEEPING: Oh boy! Big month for Piper’s sleep routine. After we got back from our trip to California we started having Piper sleep in her crib at night — she’s been taking her naps in her crib the past month or so but this change has been really tough on us all. The first night we planned for her to go in her crib she rolled over for the first time, meaning she could no longer be swaddled. So … new sleeping space, no swaddle, 4 month sleep regression. Lots of changes but we are getting there! Last night Piper slept 9-7 with no wake ups and I’m over the moon about that! We also implemented a new nap routine at 3 months that is still working really well for her morning & afternoon nap (after that it gets a little crazy) – she goes down after 2-2.5 hours of being awake and will sleep for about an hour. 

Later this week we’ll be sharing our favorite products from the month… and here you can read Piper’s 1 Month Update, 2 Month Update and 3 Month Update

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Piper Rose’s 4 Month Update



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