Piper Rose’s 7 Month Update




Can’t believe it’s time for another monthly update! This was a big month for Piper — she started army crawling, can sit up on her own and began eating solid foods! She’s still such a happy baby and we are amazed at how much of a little person she is becoming — and her personality is really starting to come out! She also experienced her first snow storm! 

(Above Piper’s wearing a hand-me-down Boden sweater & Baby Gap onesie, Old Navy leggings & Shop Little Lu headband. Her number signs are by Poppy & Scooter


(Piper is wearing June & January headband & tights and a Target dress) 

LENGTH & WEIGHT: We are guessing she’s over 15lbs at this point but really don’t know! We are going to the doctor on Friday and I’ll be curious to see how much she weighs. 

SLEEPING: Piper is still sleeping from 7/7:30pm until 7am without waking up. Her naps are still wonky, we’ve tried going down to 2 per day but she still needs 3 naps most days. She takes one 3 hours after she wakes up (sometimes she’ll only make it 2 hours)  after lunch time and then right around 4pm. Usually her naps are 45 minutes, sometimes she gives us an hour ;) 


FEEDING: This month Piper began taking medicine for her reflux, I hesitated for so long about this but after continually spitting up blood our pediatrician told us it was time. Since we began the prescription Piper RARELY spits up, it’s crazy. We’ve gone from changing all of our clothes 2-3 times a day and large spit ups ALL day to virtually nothing at all. Piper never seemed bothered by spitting up, but I’m so relieved that this medication is helping her. I’m really anti-medication in general so it was hard for me to stomach giving my baby drugs 3x a day but I know it’s making such a difference. She also seems to be gaining weight (we’ll see for sure) and finally has chubby little thighs. We also began solids this month! We started with carrots then sweet potatoes, peas, avocado and now she’s had broccoli, pears, zucchini and banana. I’ve been making all of her food (I’m working on a post about my process) with our Beaba— which is the BEST baby product I think we own. It was a Christmas gift and it makes cooking your own baby food so easy, I don’t know why you wouldn’t do it. It steams and purees and I love the design so I leave it out on the counter! We also gave Piper ‘puffs’ last night. She didn’t quite know what to do — and I was so nervous standing nearby with my “what to do if your baby is choking” pamphlet but she eventually ate a few and seemed to like them. We love our Stokke highchair

DEVELOPMENT: Piper started army crawling a few weeks ago and is constantly in motion now! We can barely keep her on a blanket anymore. She’s been getting up on all fours and rocking a little — I don’t know if I’m ready for her to crawl yet! She can also sit on her own. She loves to dance, music, toys that make noise, jumping and looking at herself in the mirror. I recently brought my floor length mirror down and let her crawl around in front of it a few times a day and she absolutely loves it, it’s the cutest thing to watch — it just requires constant supervision. I started bringing Piper to the “Babies In Bloom” music class at our library which has been so much fun. Its for babies up to 18 months and she is so happy every second of the class, it’s been so wonderful watching how joyful she is, soaking up everything around her and smiling like crazy. She loves the scarves they use in her class so I ordered her a few on Amazon to put in an old tissue box so she can take them out. Piper still has ‘stranger danger’ at times and loud noises (like the blender, or my dad sneezing or me yelling OUCH) really scare her and I can really distinguish between her different cries now. 


TOYS: Still very into her sensory elephant and cell phone — she loves her stacking cups and this wooden rattle (we keep it in our diaper bag). She particularly loves these little magnetic tiara’s that attach to one of her doll’s head and paper/plastic bags, cardboard boxes. 

PERSONAL CARE: I’m pretty sure Piper has eczema patches so I’ve been trying to moisturize much more (our doctor said 2x a day). I’ve started using Aveeno Cleaning Therapy for baths and love how soft it makes her skin — and then Babyganics Eczema Care Skin Protectant Cream morning and night. I really like both of these products but she still has these dry, red patches so I’m still on the hunt for other products that may work with her sensitive skin. I’ve been using Dreft Stain Remover and their to-go spray is in our diaper bag – it works wonders on stains from blow outs. 


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Piper Rose’s 7 Month Update



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