Piper’s 9 Month Update



9 Month Baby UpdateHard to believe we are less than 3 months away from Piper’s first birthday –and yes I’ve started to plan it! This month Piper bid farewell to her army crawl, (which was so comical to watch since she only pulled with her right arm) and started crawling with her belly up. She’s quick and never wants to sit still now. She’s also pulling up on anything she can touch and has been for the past month. Read the full update below and see what we are loving right now! 

9 Mnth Baby

WEIGHT: Based on our home scale Piper between 16-17 lbs. We go to the doctor on May 5th for her “9 Month” which will actually be 10 month visit. 

Baby 9 Months

FEEDING: We’ve advanced from straight purees to ‘chunky blends’ –you can read all about how I make Piper’s baby food here. The past week or so Piper hasn’t been as enthusiastic about eating as she once was which I’ll admit is pretty frustrating after I spend an hour making her a meal! She prefers sweets and will eat them (carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, bananas) much easier than the daily struggle to have her eat some greens or more savory options. I tried giving her pasta with homemade tomato sauce yesterday and she wasn’t a fan. I’m just going to keep trying and remind myself ‘food before one is just for fun’. 
Baby And Puppy

SLEEPING: Piper still sleeps from 7pm until 7am. No real change with her naps from last month – she takes a morning nap about 2 hours after she wakes up that is typically close to an hour, then she takes a second afternoon nap around 1 or 2pm and that’s it for the day. Sometimes she’ll dose off in the stroller if we go for a walk when I’m done work for the day around 4/5 or she’ll fall asleep nursing around that time too but we no longer try for a 3rd nap and I think that’s why she goes down so easily without any crying or a fight for bed every night. 

Baby Reading

DEVELOPMENT: As I mentioned before Piper pulls up on everything and anything she can get on. We keep her in her play room most of the time but I’ll let her explore whatever room we are in together and watch her carefully since we are totally not baby proofed yet! I like to let her be “free” for a little bit of each day. She can occupy herself for a long time, close to 45 minutes I’d say. She loves taking things out of boxes, shelves, bags etc. She loves swinging at the park and my dad just put up a bucket swing outside at their house which will be fun this spring! She’s very curious about her surroundings and loves Sully so much. Piper really enjoys her classes at the library and I’m enrolling her in swim lessons next month! 


We have been using & loving these little bowls from Munchkin to save Piper’s food in the fridge.

Piper’s dry skin is finally a little better so I’ve been using this Babyganics Shampoo & Body Wash and I love how foamy it is.

We are now using the big tub for Piper’s baths and this knee rest is super helpful as is this waterfall bath rinser

We just got these adorable leather shoes from Nixon Nook and they are so easy to get on and actually stay on! 
Piper’s favorite puffs…. 

Now that we are using Piper’s Stokke high chair 3x a day I have to say how much I love it! The sleek design matches our dining room and the tray pops off so you can really clean it. 


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Piper’s 9 Month Update



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