Piper Rose’s 8 Month Update



Piper's 8 Month Update

8 months?! That’s just crazy talk, Piper’s so close to being a year old I can’t take it! This month flew right by. Piper’s so active right now, constantly in motion. She started pulling up on furniture about a week ago and is more interested in standing than anything. She still army crawls all over and is pretty close to crawling up on all fours. Her hair is growing like crazy, she loves to eat and has two teeth coming in. 

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Height & Weight: Pretty clueless about this right now – I hope Piper’s a least 16 lbs but we won’t know until her 9 month doctor appointment. 

Sleeping: Piper goes to bed at 6:30/7pm and wakes up every single day at 6:30am. Her naps are finally getting more consistent and longer! I think she’s wearing herself out with all of her ‘activity’ crawling and pulling up and it’s more likely that she sleeps an hour vs. 30/45 minutes these days. 

Feeding: Piper loves to eat! We’ve been giving her breakfast everyday after her morning feed – typically oatmeal with blueberries or smashed up avocado and dinner in the evening. She LOVES puffs and can’t get enough of them and she’s also been eating mum mum bars. We’ve been giving her a sippy cup with water and though she doesn’t really get too much she’ll occupy herself for a good 20 minutes ‘playing’ with the cup. I recently introduced her first ‘meal’ with complex flavors — pea and zucchini risotto and after the first two tries Piper became a huge fan. I’m glad she likes it because I have a ton in the freezer. I’ve still been making all of Piper’s food with our Beaba and we haven’t changed our nursing routine at all. She’s tried carrots, broccoli, green beans, white & sweet potato, apples, pears, banana. I have beets to try this week! 

Development: Piper has her two bottom teeth coming through but hasn’t been too bothered by it that we’ve noticed. Much to my delight she’s much more interested in listening to stories and even looks at books on her own, I’m so excited about this!  She loves playing with her scarves and knocking over her stacking cups. She has piano and maracas that she loooooves to make music with. She’s getting better at keeping herself occupied and being alone but still wants us pretty close by at most times. She is very interested in being out on her own exploring but also still loves to be held and cuddle. She frequently sits up in her crib on her own but hasn’t pulled up to standing yet! 

Piper Rose's 8 Month Update

She loves her scarves, mini piano and maracas especially. She’s very interested in any and all of her shoes. We recently got more floor tiles from Skip Hop so Piper’s playroom floor is almost completely covered and I love the pattern. 

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Piper is wearing an Old Navy romper, Shop Little Lu headband and Audrey & Me bib. I’m wearing my favorite Who What Wear for Target striped top and that’s the Glitter Guide x Lulu & Georgia rug in her playroom! 

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Images by the talented Anna Reynal

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Piper Rose’s 8 Month Update



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