Piper’s 18 Month Update

I’m about a week late as usual…. but our tiny baby turned one and a half on the 10th. It’s hard to believe she’s growing closer to TWO every day, I really can’t believe it. I think every stage is more fun than the next but this one we are in right now is really special. Piper is talking up a storm and full able to communicate with us but she’s not in the terrible two’s yet– don’t get me wrong she’s certainly started to have temper tantrums but overall we are having so much fun with her.


I’m not really sure anymore, since we are a little late for her 18 month visit  but I’m guessing she’s 21-22 lbs and 31 inches.


We are finally on a successful one nap routine! It’s taken a LONG time to get here, especially because Piper’s never napped longer than an hour but I’m thrilled our efforts have paid off. Piper goes to bed a little later now — around 7pm and wakes up between 6 or 7am. If she wakes up on the earlier side she’ll usually fall asleep if you rock her or lay on the playroom couch with her (kinda a nice way to start the day)! She goes down for her one nap after lunch at 1pm and usually sleeps 1.5 hours — 2 on the rare occasion.


Piper’s eating habits have been ROUGH the past few months. She’s been incredibly picky…. and really only wanting to eat fruit, cheese, zucchini, crackers, bread, almond butter, smoothies and hummus. It’s been a lesson in patience for me — big time. I stopped making her special meals after she stopped even remotely taking a bite to taste (talk about frustration) and instead just served her what we were having. I’m hoping we turned a corner this weekend since she gobbled up soup that I made and cheesy pasta with peas I made for her (even asking for seconds). I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was at both of these meals. There’s really nothing more frustrating than planning meals, purchasing a bunch of organic food, spending time to cook them only for your child to throw the food on the floor without so much as taking a bite. I had to give up for a while, but I’m glad I made her pasta last night. I’m still trying to incorporate more protein into her diet (any suggestions)? She still loooooves her whole milk and asks for it as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

If you remember, Piper’s had weird topical reactions to certain foods since we introduced solids — though not related to her previous dairy & soy intolerance. We finally were able to make it to the allergist after re-scheduling a few times and I’m so excited to say she tested negative to ALL allergens we tested for (nuts, fish, dairy, soy, sesame)! Her hives are just some weird, unexplainable topical reaction that our allergist thinks she will outgrow. He encouraged us to give her fish again and peanut!


Piper is chatting up a storm – I would say she has 20+ words in her vocabulary right now. She still loves music (needs to be playing 24/7 and always cheers her up when she’s sad) — and she recently started clearly singing parts of the songs from her music class. It’s the cutest thing. She’s started to put a few words together, though I’d say she’s far from saying sentences. We just got “big girl” crayons which she calls her “colors” and are working on learning colors. She still loves to dance and has some pretty awesome moves, though she likes it best when we hold her and dance together.

She’s very good at listening (when she wants to) and will put things away when asked. She definietly has a stubborn streak which I’m pretty sure all kids do at her age!

She plays independently so well and likes looking at books, using her kitchen and of course taking care of her two beloved baby dolls. She loves to be outside and swinging is her favorite. We haven’t had too many play dates recently which I’m trying to work on because she loves to be around other kids, her face just lights up!


Corolle Babi Doll, Miss Fresh Riviera: This is Piper’s beloved babi – it’s held up through several machine washes and is the perfect size.

Bitty Baby: Piper got ‘big baby’ for Christmas and now it must be with her at all times. I love how realistic her features are – she’s much bigger than babi.

Crayola Washable Paint & Smock: Piper has been using this paint for projects and it cleans up so easily. I also got her this smock which she doesn’t love to wear but it’s the perfect size and easily goes on over her clothes.

Build A Bouquet Toy: This was the sweetest Christmas gift from Piper’s cousins….since I am a floral designer and all :) I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s so fun!

Baby DeeDee Sleep Kicker: We are still using this fleece sleep sack most nights and love the extra warmth it gives, since most mornings Piper wakes up no wear near her blanket.

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: I recently got a Fawn Design backpack diaper bag and LOVE it! I’ll be doing a full post on it soon but

Beaba Spoons & Forks: Piper loves using a ‘poon’ to eat and this size is perfect for her — she even likes to use them for banana slices and blueberries!

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 Top two photos by Anna Reynal 

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