My Detox Bath Routine




For the past three weeks I’ve been taking a nightly bath — usually on the weekend when I can totally unwind. It’s become a routine I love and look forward to (though I admit it would be a bit more enjoyable for me with a glass of wine– but I’m on a cleanse, remember?).  Here’s my routine and a few products I love to use.

First I clean the tub, I know it doesn’t sound very relaxing but I can’t get in it without giving it a fresh scrub! We use Method’s cleaners in our house.

Then I put on the Billie Holiday station on my Pandora and light a lavender scented candle (I love this one by Farmacie).

I run the water (not too hot) and add bath salts (I love the Pursoma brand) and a few drops of bath oil.

Then I dry brush and put on a face mask and slip in. Usually I read a magazine or book, but sometimes I don’t.

It’s super relaxing and spa like and I highly suggest doing it — especially if you are a worn out mom like me who never gets to the actual spa ;)

Images by Anna Reynal 




My Detox Bath Routine


  1. Priya Gulati says:

    I absolutely love the bathtub faucets. Are they Kohler? We are re-doing our bathroom and would love to know which brand and finish they are. Thank you so very much in advance from another mama! XO

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