Piper’s 12 & 13 Month Updates

13 Month Baby Update

We officially have a toddler on our hands! In the midst of Piper turning one and having her birthday party followed by our summer vacation in California I neglected to get her 1 year update posted! So here we are at 13 months and Piper’s growing and changing like crazy (pretty sure I say that every month). She’s talking, running, has 4 teeth (with 3 more on the way) and is so fun to be around. I thought I’d stop these monthly updates after Piper turned one but I think I’ll keep them up a while longer to update what’s going on in our lives. 


LENGTH & WEIGHT: I’m guessing Piper is at least 19lbs now and was 28 inches last time we were at the doctor. She seems distinctively heavier all of a sudden, especially when I go to lift her out of her crib. She still fits in a wide array of sizes but I’m buying 12 month clothes. 

DEVELOPMENT: Goodness! So much has changed I really wish I had written her year update when she was 12 months because I can’t keep track of everything. Piper’s talking like crazy and really trying to communicate with us more than ever. She says dog, hi, night night, nana (for banana, easily her favorite food), dada and (sometimes) mama. She knows where her tummy, nose and ears are and still looooooves to dance anytime music comes on. She enjoys looking at books, playing with blocks, putting things in and out of bags and boxes. She loves to run around in the yard, play with her discovery water table and be pushed around in her Cozy Coupe. She’s also become very stubborn and will start to throw a tantrum when she doesn’t want to do something (be put down, get out of the bath tub etc.). For the most part she’s still very easy going and happy but I get a little nervous about the terrible twos! 


ACTIVITIES: I’v been trying to plan more activities for Piper to do at the house now that she’s old enough. We are starting a music class in a few weeks which I’m really excited for because Piper loves music and dancing so much – I can’t wait to see how she does! We’ve started using crayons on paper & in the bath – she’s mildly interested right now. 

12 Month Baby Update

SLEEPING: The past few weeks have been the most difficult with Piper’s sleep in a long time (right around 12 months) — largely due to the fact that we were traveling (away for 2 weeks) and Piper was teething at the same time, we had to deal with a time change upon our return home and then we were weaning from nursing. Right now she’s back on track for the most part, going to bed around 6:30 or 7:00. She’ll wake up at 4:00 or 4:30 pretty regularly which has been a huge drag for us, most mornings she cries for a few minutes and goes back to sleep. The roughest part was when she was SCREAMING standing up for what felt like sooooo long flat out refusing to sleep. We had many sleepless nights and I’m so glad she’s back on track because I seriously need at least 5hrs to function! She’s still in her regular crib but I’ve added a few stuffed animals that she pays no attention to :) Piper still takes 2 naps, both just shy of an hour. 10am and 1pm most days. 


FEEDING: As of last Sunday I’m officially done breastfeeding. I feel pretty sad about it actually, as much as I was tired of pumping I am still having a hard time with the fact that our days nursing are done. Piper’s eating 3 full meals and 2 snacks a day. She’s somewhat picky and really wants to feed herself — she’s not using a spoon yet but I’m going to start to practice starting tomorrow. She throws her food with any utensil I try so I’ve been sticking with bite size food for her. The biggest news is SHE CAN TOLERATE DAIRY! We introduced dairy (1 oz of cows milk a day for 3 days) when we returned from our summer vacation and I was so nervous but it’s gone well and she’s now drinking 15-20 ounces of cows milk a day (she LOVES it so much more than the almond milk she was drinking) and I’ve since introduced yogurt and cheese. I’ll be posting more about food and what we serve her in another post. I finally feel like she’s hungry, eating BIG meals and growing. We are so happy! 


I’ve been making popsicles with these Munchkin molds which work great! 

Piper got this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn for her birthday and pushes the buttons to dane each and every morning and she also got this Cozy Coupe which has entertained her for hours. She’s also very into pull toys and we have this Snoopy dog that was Austin’s dad’s that’s so fragile but she loves to pull around. 

I ordered this swim diaper for our California trip. 

Though it’s not really time for these right now — Piper has worn her Saltwater Sandals pretty much every day this summer – I’ll be sad to put them away when it gets chilly! We wore these as kids and next summer I’m getting a pair to match hers! 

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    August 24th, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Love! What a sweetheart!