Piper’s 19 Month Update



Piper turned 19 months a few days ago so I thought I’d share a little update since these posts have been so popular. I honestly never thought anyone would care to read them and wrote them mainly for myself so I’d remember all of her milestones (ha)! But here’s a mini update…..It’s hard to believe we are so close to 2 years old and makes me feel sad and happy at once, I think 16-19 months has been my very favorite age so far.


We finally made it to our 18 month doctor’s appointment and Piper weighs 21lbs 6oz and is 31.5 inches. We are really excited because Piper is finally in the 25% percentile for her height and weight (she started in the 5%). Grow girl!


Piper is still taking anywhere from a 1 1/2 -2 hour  nap during the week for our nanny, on the weekend I think she really enjoys our quality time together and usually only sleeps 45mins-1 hour for me. This does make her pretty cranky starting around 5pm. Her bedtime most nights is 7/7:15 as she still has a lot of energy in the evening now, a big change. She’s been wanting both Austin & I to put her to bed which has been fun but she’s already starting to not want to start the routine – saying NO NO NO and making up reasons to leave her room, for water, blankets etc. Its so cute and funny :)



Piper loves to feed herself and won’t let you help at all – always requesting a “poon” for anything she eats. I’m happy to report she’s become a little better with her picky eating I mentioned in her last update and will try at least a bite of most things we give her. I am looking for new meal ideas if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear! Our doctor OK’ed up to 18 ounces of whole milk a day still – and Piper loves it so much but I know there is much controversy on how much milk toddlers should have. I’m still working on getting enough protein and veggies into her diet. Right now a few of her favorites:

  • Sliced mango, grapes and blueberries
  • Ezeckial bread with almond butter + strawberry jam
  • Cheese of any variety
  • Pasta with butter, peas and parmesan cheese
  • Applesauce and greek yogurt (she loves this, takes a while to eat but makes a giant mess)
  • Chicken dipped in hummus


Piper is talking and understanding so much right now! Every day I’m amazed by something she does or says, it’s such a fun stage to be witness to! She’s really been into painting, using stickers and bubbles the past few weeks. She continues to be obsessed with her babies, taking care of them and bringing them everywhere with her. We now have 4 that are with her at most times – especially at night. We started swim lessons and Piper loves being in the water, she’s not too sure about being dunked under yet. We are still taking our weekly music class and Piper’s finally stopped asking to be picked up and carried around and is participating more herself which I’m really excited about!


FridaBaby Toothbrush: Piper LOVES to brush her teeth, she asks multiple times through out the day and I just got her this new toothbrush by Frida Baby which easily brushes all sides of your tooth at the same time. I have to say I really love Frida Baby products – I use their nail clippers that come with a curved file and it’s often a gift I give to new moms because they work so well and nail cutting can be so traumatic!

Baby DeeDee Sleep Kicker: We are still using this fleece sleep sack most nights.

Beaba Spoons + Forks Set: As I mentioned Piper loves spoons and she has a preference for these, I think because they are the perfect size for her little hands.

The First Years Sippy Cup: Many of you have asked on social media about Piper’s cups. I feel like we’ve tried 20 sippy cups (who knew) to find one that we liked.

Did you know cups with straws are highly preferred over other sippy cups by doctors for speech development?

Because of this Piper only uses cups with straws so that eliminates a lot of options – I also want something that is easy to clean and I can SEE there is no food, mold etc. stuck in the top. These are simply THE BEST . My husband argues they leak when Piper spills them over, which they can to some extent but it doesn’t bother me. There are 3 simple parts and cleaning them is a breeze. The straw is thick so she can easily sip her smoothie. Hands down my favorite. For some reason they are really expensive on Amazon but they are $8/2 at Target in store!

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Piper’s 19 Month Update



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