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Welcome to my 2023 gift guide! Keep SCROLLING for all of my 2023 gift guides in one place!
Gifts For Toddlers
Gifts For Pre-Schoolers
Gifts For School-Aged Kids
Big Ticket Gift Ideas
Gifts For Tweens
Gifts For Her
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Gift Ideas For Babies

Gift ideas for babies, from top left:
Cuddle & Kind Dolls: The softest, sweetest heirloom quality stuffed animals. They truly hold up so well and you can stick them in the wash. Even better, with each purchase Cuddle & Kind gives back a meal to a child in need.
Float & Play Bubbles: These adorable bath toys have over 24k reviews on Amazon and would make the perfect bath-time gift!
Colorful Scarves: My girls loved these colorful scarves for years, they make a great stocking stuffer.

Wooden Laptop Sensory Toy: If you have a babe that likes to grab for your laptop then this is the toy for you! I wish I had it for my girls to ‘work’ along side of me when they were young! Perfect for work-at-home parents.

Selfie-Fun Pretend Phone: I’m usually not into this type of plastic toy but babies truly love this pretend phone, equipped with a mirror for their own ‘selfies’.

Sensory Splash Mat: Fill this small splash mat with water for simple sensory play!
Silicone Block Set: Perfect for the youngest builders but will last for years to come. My big kids still use these!
Plush Pretend Play Doctor’s Set: I’ve never seen a plush doctor set before – I can’t wait to gift this set!
First Finger-Paint: Parents will love this mess-free finger painting set!
Crinkle Paper: This crinkle paper doubles as a teether and sensory toy. My girls loved it and it’s one of my favorite things to gift new parents. Perfect for a stocking, too!
Ball Pit: I love the shape of this ‘baby ball pit’- it comes in several pretty colors!
Sensory Reef: And last but not least! This beautiful, interactive sensory toy is a top toy of the year finalist for 2023!

Gift Ideas For Toddlers

From top left:
Pots & Pans: I love that these realistic play kitchen accessories come in this little stand!
Wooden & Acrylic Gem Blocks: These are so beautiful and give your kiddos an open-ended play experience.
Building Bricks: I love how realistic these play building blocks are! Hours upon hours of fun for years to come!
Play Sink: We had one of these little sinks (it uses real water) during Covid times and it was a life saver! This color-changing version has 10k reviews and is one of the most gifted items on Amazon!
Ride-On-Scooter: The most adorable retro style ride-on I’ve seen! It’s from Step-2 and made of a durable plastic, under $100 and comes in 3 colors!
Over-Sized Hollow Building Blocks: Lots of blocks in this gift guide but these are giant and look so fun for kids of all ages!
Playdough Table: I wish I had this little table designed specifically for using & storing playdough years ago!
Silicone Tea Set: This sweet set is perfect for little ones learning to pour.
Baby Doll Stroller: This is the prettiest (affordable) baby doll stroller I’ve seen!! I love the muted colors, tres chic!
Wooden Doll Accessories: We have this set of wooden baby doll accessories and they are adorable. I love the reusable diapers!
Silk Cape: I’m a big fan of Sarah’s Silks for quality children’s products and this dress up cape is beautiful!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Pre-Schoolers

From top left:
Pretend Play Money Set: Your little ones will love this no-tear money set, perfect for pretend play set ups!
Play Flower Blooms: Let your little one arrange their own flower bouquet over and over with these beautiful felt flowers.
Roll-Up Chalkboard Poster: This portable chalkboard is perfect for creative kiddos!
Star Stepping Stones: I’ve been eyeing these for a while and finally ordered them for Christmas. Endless opportunities for exercising those gross motor skills! I can’t wait to see how my kids use them!
Kids Knife Set: A great gift idea for kids who love to cook!
Seek & Find Silk Scarf: An ideal quiet time activity that you can easily tuck into a bag. Let your kids explore this beautiful seek & find silk scarf at home or on the go. Great stocking stuffer, too!
High Chair Set: I’m swooning over this entire set! Oh how I wish they had it when I bought our baby doll accessories! The sleekest high chair, bib and feeding set I’ve seen!
Grocery Store: I love how simple this pretend grocery store is, I’m thinking about getting it for my 3 year old this year. I know all of my kids will love to play with it!
Playdough Prompt Cards: These playdough prompt cards are the perfect stocking stuffer and give your kids 25 different ways to engage with playdough!
Fire Truck Tent: I love this giant play tent that looks like a fire truck!
Glow Tablet: This neon glow writing tablet looks fun!
My Little Morphee: Soothing stories, quiet music and meditations for kids! This is sold out at few places but still in-stock on Amazon! Update: Try Uncommon Goods for in-stock option!

Gifts for School Aged Kids

Gymnastic Training Bars: Perfect way to keep your kids busy during the winter!
Bubble Lab Play Set: This looks like a ton of sensory fun!
Shrinky Dinks: Remember these from childhood? I think my kids are going to love them!
ATM Machine: An Amazon “hot gift” with nearly 10k reviews!
Capture The Flag Kit: This looks awesome for neighborhood fun and it glows in the dark!
Glow Art: This battery operated glow art board is your answer to screen-free fun!
Gymnastics Air Mat: We are thinking about getting this for our kids this year!!
Electric Guitar: It’s just too cute!
Gummy Candy Lab: Make your own gummy bears with this fun kit!
Super Smalls Nail Kit: This kit has now sold out most places – you can snag it from the brand here. Another cute option here!
Pink Picasso Kits: One of Oprah’s favorite things! I saw these in person at the NY gift show and they are packaged so cute! A perfect gift.

Gifts For Tweens

Custom Neon Sign // Swiftie Bracelets // Hand Sanitizer // Leopard Fleece // Initial Belt Bag (4 colors) // Slip Ons Slipper Shoes // Cake Velvety Bodywash // Beanbag Chair (5 colors) // Headband // Checkered Pouch // Gem Art Kit // Stanley Water Bottle

Big Ticket Gift Ideas

Car Air Mattresses // Hanging Hugglepod // Primo Ride On // Arch Shaped Play Couch Cushions // Cardboard Play Cottage // Ride On Car

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide



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