Top Toy Ideas For 2023



I have a friend who has a hidden talent of always figuring out what the top toys are going to be every holiday season. I don’t know where she does her research but she’s always spot on. A few months ago she mentioned this Cookeez Makery and had my mind spinning. Sure enough a few weeks later I read about it on and now its hard to find! I’m so excited to be partnering with Walmart today to share my personal top gift picks for 2023. Walmart is my go-to for holiday toy gifting, while I appreciate being able to order online I also love being able to go look at their huge toy selection in-person!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

The Cookeez Makery will delight any young child, especially those who were into the Magic Mixies last year. Cookeez Makery lets your child whip up a dough, ‘bake’ it in the oven and then open it up to reveal a warm stuffie that actually smells like cinnamon. The whole experience is pretty magical and my kids were very into the entire process! Still available at Walmart HERE! (On sale at time of publication)

Bitzee: This is one of the toys Piper (age 8) requested this holiday season, I’m not totally sure where she’s seen it but she couldn’t stop talking about it. We’ve since had multiple other friends order and love their Bitzee! It’s dubbed the virtual pet you can touch and feel and is a large step up from the Tomagachi days! Get it on sale at Walmart HERE. (On sale at time of publication)

Magic Mixies Pixlings: I personally think this is a better option to the more expensive original Magic Mixies. The pixlings magically appear in their bottle after your child blends together a potion! As of publication there is one color in stock at Walmart! Get it HERE!

Pop It Go: My girls loved the larger version of this game, the new smaller size is perfect to throw in your purse to entertain your kiddos on the go! On sale at time of publication for $9.99!




Top Toy Ideas For 2023



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