5 Of My Favorite Face Masks



Masking has been a big part of my skincare routine and I really credit it to helping the overall appearance of my skin. In general I try to do a mask 1-3 times a week. Here are a few of my very favorite tried and true masks that tick off all the boxes for me: They pack a punch and leave a noticeable difference in my skin after I use them, the mask is not messy and is easy to apply & remove and finally (and maybe most importantly) they do what they claim! PS- I use all of these while breastfeeding. 

Juice Beauty Pregnancy Peel: You guys know my love runs DEEP for this product. It’s the only thing that really packed a serious (noticeable) difference in my skin when I was pregnant and trying to keep my routine as clean & natural as possible. They also make a full strength version which is even better! 

Jet Lag Mask: Oh, I love this hydrating mask so much! I do always wear it when I’m flying (it soaks in so easily and just looks like you’ve put on moisturizer) and whenever my skin is feeling slightly dry it quickly does the trick. It makes you dewy and glow and sometimes I put it on before bed (let it soak in first) if my skin is really parched. 

Pixie Glow2 Oxygen Mask: This is my favorite quick & easy mask. It really makes your skin shine even under makeup! I apply it in the mornings when I want to look my best – usually before a photoshoot or if I’m getting dressed up to go out to dinner or something like that. It really revives tired, dull skin so it’s also great if you are sleep deprived :) 

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask: I’ve consistently used this mask since it hit the market and love how it perks up my skin and makes it feel more plump. I use this as a soothing mask usually when my skin is inflamed or red and dry. 

True Botanticals Resurfacing Moisture Mask: Ahhh, another holy grail product in my cabinet. I love how this makes you GLOW and resurfaces your skin while also hydrating! 

….and though not a face mask these are my all-time favorite under-eye masks! They really help with puffiness and make you look more awake on tired mornings. And – you can get them on Amazon! 





5 Of My Favorite Face Masks


  1. Lisa Hill says:

    Using of these face masks in daily skincare routine can be best. I have used pixi glow face mask and it provides a healthy looking glowing skin. Thanks for sharing.

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