5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Gerber

November 1, 2016


A few weeks ago I had the fun opportunity to head to NYC and attend Gerber’s media presentation. If you’ve been reading my site for a while you probably know that I try to make most of Piper’s food myself (especially when she was tiny) but there have certainly been times when I feed her store bought food. So I was really excited to learn more about Gerber’s food and process — the name most synonymous with baby food. I realized I knew virtually nothing about Gerber besides the name (and their popular baby contest) when I was on my train. 

  1. Gerber works with family farmers, some for generations! We had the opportunity to meet one of their apple growers and it was so interesting to get to talk with someone whose family has been providing fruit for Gerber for years! For whatever reason I always think brands as large as Gerber grow their own fruit and vegetables, but I loved learning that they work with farmers and that, for some of their produce they have worked with family farms for generations. I brought an apple home for Piper and she was quite the fan! 
  2.  Gerber cares– They put a great amount of detail and care into the produce that goes into their baby food and hold themselves to a stringent set of standards. This makes a new mom especially feel more confident when serving store bought food to their baby. 


3. Cold Puree —  Gerber blends many of their raw fruits and vegetables before cooking. They call this a ‘cold puree’ 


4. Gerber uses a Flash Cooked™ step as part of their cooking process — and they are the only company in the US to do so!  Right before the food is packaged in it’s cute little tubs. Gerber does a Flash Cooked™ step that takes just minutes, using indirect steam to cook the food. This is one way Gerber helps ensure their fruits and veggies have the appropriate texture, flavor and are healthy and fresh. 

5. All of Gerber’s food is ‘baby approved’ — Gerber relies on babies from their panel of 2,000 babies to taste test their food before it hits shelves!


Now that Piper’s eating solid food I’ve been enjoying cooking for her at home but still frequently grab pre-made food for trips and outings. It was really refreshing to learn how much care and thought is put into each little tub of baby food Gerber makes and I never realized all of the steps that were taken to ensure the food is safe and nutritious. 

*This post was created in partnership with Gerber. 

Images by Anna Reynal 



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