My New Website!!!




I’ve been waiting to share this exciting news for a while now… I’ve hinted about it on Instagram but for the past year I’ve been working on a rebrand for Style Within Reach. To be honest, it just doesn’t fit me or my lifestyle anymore. Sure, I love style and outfits but now my life is more about work and motherhood and I’m excited to take a new direction in this little space on the internet I started nearly NINE years ago! I’m answering a few big questions below about the big change and what it means but I also wanted to share a little bit about the process!

It took me forever to come up with a name that represented what I wanted to share…. a modern, fresh take on motherhood – a site that shares my personal experience as a mother but also the stories of other moms. Interviews, recipes, reviews — and all of the latest news that mom’s need to know. A singular destination that moms can glance at for all the notes, on sleep training, nursing, easy weeknight meals, the best reads of the week. And so one day it came to me — The Mama Notes!



As I recently mentioned I’ve been using the new HP Spectre — a super sleek and fast laptop. I’d started a Pinterest board with ideas for what I wanted my new site to look like over a year ago, but once I landed on the name I was really able to create a visual for the new brand. I uploaded so many screen shots I saved with everything from newsletter pop-ups to font types, color palettes and imagery. Inspiration can only get you so far if you don’t have the right technology to bring your ideas to life. Equipped with my HP Spectre I worked so many nights on building a brand new site –this laptop is so light that I tote it around when I travel, head to my parents or am visiting a coffee shop — so I’m always able to stay inspired (whenever I have a spare minute of time that is)!



It can be easy to get in a creative rut (trust me it’s happened plenty of times in my 9 years of blogging) — and when I was working my site design I was hitting a lot of blocks when trying to come up with new ideas — until I began working on the HP Spectre. Seriously, a device can change your outlook on things! The laptop is so fast, it allows me to multitask and pushed me to get to work and finish my website and branding.


I tapped my friend Krista A. Jones to create this beautiful logo and enlisted With Grace & Gold to do all the web design and fun back end stuff. It’s been a dream working with both of these talented teams and they seriously have brought my ideas to life — capturing everything I hoped for my new site. Fun, fresh, inspiring, feminine and friendly. A welcome place for moms. So a few details….


What will happen to Style Within Reach?
Style Within Reach will no longer exist once we make the change (sad, I know!) but — all of my content from the past 9 years will transfer over to The Mama Notes (! Everything will be recategorized and much easier to navigate!

Why did you decide to make the change?
Like I mentioned before, I just feel I outgrew “Style Within Reach”. I started this site when I was single, living in NYC and obsessed with fashion. It has been a wonderful run and given me so many experiences and a career I could have literally never even dreamed of and I’m so thankful for that. It’s always been a hobby that I do on the side, mostly at night and I have thought about stopping it for a long time — when I was pregnant and couldn’t find a lot the kind of content I wanted to read I started thinking about skewing my blog more towards motherhood and kid & baby focused content. I realize that could potentially turn away my readers that have been following along for years — but the truth is the content I produce will only be great if I’m 100% invested and excited about it. Right now, motherhood and pregnancy is what I’m passionate about learning and sharing.

What will The Mama Notes be like?
I can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks. The Mama Notes will cover all of the topics I do now — outfits/style, recipes, interior design and my life with Piper but will have more interviews with inspiring mothers, birth stories (if you want to share yours please email me! and resources for mothers.


We don’t have an official launch date slated just yet, but we are getting very close. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to use my HP Spectre to not only bring this change to life — but help inspire me along the way. Just look at the sleek rose gold accents on this laptop! The color of the moment and one of my favorites.




*This post was created in collaboration with HP. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep this site running! 




My New Website!!!



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