A Chat With The Mamas Behind LAKE PJs



Tell us about LAKE. How did your brand start? 

ARL: Cassandra and I were new mothers, so we were spending more time at home. We both felt our pajama options were lacking. We wanted pajamas we loved and would look forward to putting on before bed. LAKE pajamas are practical and comfortable without sacrificing style. The simple silhouettes – you won’t find a button to fasten or string to tie – are made in classic stripes with the occasional print. 

What’s the most challenging part of motherhood and owning your own business? 

CC: Hands down, time management. Kids demand so much of your time and attention (in a really great way) that it’s often hard to find time to focus solely on work. Anne Read and I are lucky we love what we do and each have a lot of support from our families. 

What are your favorite PJs for kids? Can we ever expect LAKE to dive into children’s wear? 

ARL: I love Roberta Roller Rabbit’s fun prints on their kids pajamas. With LAKE, we’re happy focusing on women’s pajamas right now, but as far as children’s wear goes, never say never! 

What’s your key to a good night’s sleep? 

CC: A nice set of sheets. I’ve used Peacock Alley sheets for years and love how soft they are. 

How do you stay organized with your work and family life? 

CC: Ha!

ARL: For LAKE, we work off shared online calendars, but I also use a paper calendar for both scheduling and to-do lists. I write everything down, and I mean everything. Basecamp is also great for managing work projects. 

What’s your morning routine like? 

CC: It’s such a challenge with young kids to get out of the door. Most days I only have time to brush my teeth and throw on clothes before I leave for school drop-off. After that, I come back home and get ready for the day.

ARL: Coffee followed by coffee.

Tell us about your beauty routine and favorite products. 

ARL: I like to use a hair mask and a face mask once a week, typically on Sunday nights after the kids go to bed. I find that masks give me noticeable results with minimal time and effort. My favorite hair mask is Balmain’s Revitalizing Mask, and my go-to face mask is PerriconeMD’s Chloro Plasma

CC: My favorite beauty product has to be dry shampoo. Moroccan Oil makes a great one for brunettes. 

What’s your go-to baby shower gift? 

CC: Muslin swaddles by Little Unicorn. Their prints are adorable! I also like to include a WubbaNub because I consider it a newborn essential.

If you can offer one tip of advice to a new working mama what would it be? 

ARL: Find time for yourself, away from babies and away from work. It’s easy to feel tied to either, but it’s so important to do something for yourself every now and then. 




A Chat With The Mamas Behind LAKE PJs



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