Weekly Finds & Mom Fails

March 10, 2017

This was an interesting week. Our nanny was on vacation – and I only have one week (next week) until we leave for Italy so I have been a little overwhelmed! Heading into the week I was a little nervous about being a SAHM all week while trying to keep up with work but…. I loved being at home with Piper. We had so much fun and it made all of my late nights working worth it. I almost think I could do this more frequently — though that witching hour while trying to make dinner while knowing my inbox was overflowing wasn’t too fun. We had play dates at the park, went to get pastries, music class, swinging and she was very helpful when I was running errands :)

Here are my finds + fails of the week….. Hope you have a great weekend!

If you follow me on Instagram stories you saw I found the perfect overalls! I love them so much and have worn them 3x since I bought them last Sunday. I can’t wait to match with Piper (her’s are from Old Navy).

I loved seeing my social media feeds full of inspiring quotes and messages in honor of International Women’s Day but waking up to read about the defiant little girl statue that was placed in front of the Wall Street bull was a really great way to start the day.

Here’s what a day without a woman looked like.

¬†Oh Joy’s round up of businesses and products that support women around the globe is awesome.

These shredded beef tacos (that you can make in the crock pot) are going on my menu next week!

The best double strollers on the market (and all are available on Amazon)!

And a few of my mom fails from the week…

As I mentioned I’ve been staying up past my usual bedtime to work (until 11:30pm most nights) and Piper has been waking up an hour early at 6am — so I’m pretty tired. One day this week I found myself making Piper an almond butter & jelly sandwich with salsa instead of strawberry jam. YIKES!

I let Piper take an hour nap on me because she was so cranky (we do NOT do this anymore)!

I fed Piper multiple cracker snacks (something we are trying to cut back on in a big way) so I could check email. Felt pretty guilty about this one.





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