Piper’s 20 Month Update

TWENTY months old. Wow! This has been a particularly fun month. Piper is talking and learning so much every single day and is really a joy to be around (most of the time). She understands everything that’s going on


I’d guess 23 lbs and 31.5 inches. As a reminder last month we visited the doctor and found out she’s finally in the 25% percentile!!! Grow, girl!


Piper goes to bed around 6:30 or 7:00pm most nights now. We pushed it up again to 6:30 because she has been so cranky in the evening. She’s still taking one nap, around 1pm for 1-2 hours. Recently she’s been falling asleep in the car around 12pm if we are heading home from lunch after errands or a play date.



This month has been a major struggle and regression in terms of eating. Honestly, I’ve become really frustrated. I started the month by making Piper her own meals again (something I stopped doing for a while) because she was so resistant to try what we were eating, I thought this would help her — by creating kid friendly meals just for her. Big fat NOPE on that one. One week she threw every meal on the floor and refused to even try a bite. This is what gets me the most, I know she’ll like it if she gives it a chance! She’s so stubborn at meal time that I have come to dread it. It doesn’t help that most nights I’m alone with her trying to cook and feed her. So, I’ve reverted back to only giving her what we are eating for dinner. She’s tried a few tiny bites this week but I’m hoping this phase will pass. Seems like every other month we are regressing and I’d love any advice! In the meantime I’m going to try and cut out all sweets (she loves to eat the cookies we make as a treat) and crackers.


Piper is talking up a storm and trying to form sentences. It also seems like she’s singing the songs from her music class non-stop — or the classics (ABC’s) and lullaby’s she’s grown up hearing. She continues to be obsessed with babies, they consume most parts of our day and she always needs to have at least one tucked under her arm. She’s very nurturing and loves to take care of them, checking on them if they fall, feeding them, wrapping them in a blanket etc. She now has 5 that sleep with her, the crib is getting full! We are working on colors and so far Piper can recognize YELLOW! She’s also very into her friend Olivia. This is one of the main reason we signed her up for school next year, she LOVES to be around other kids. She asks for Olivia just about every day and loves looking at pictures of her. I happen to be close to Olivia’s mom so it’s really the sweetest thing and melts my heart to see how much she admires her. Olivia is exactly a year older.


Swinging, being OUTSIDE, bubbles, sweeping with her broom, strolling her baby, coloring and baking. She also is really into balls and playing with Austin’s old cars. DOGS and watching Elmo on the weekends. Olivia.


FridaBaby Toothbrush: Had to buy another one of our favorite toothbrushes since Piper dropped hers in the toilet.

Bonnsu Miniware: I’m truly obsessed with this set of bowls, plate, fork & spoon that the lovely people at Bonnsu sent our way. The colors are perfect, the quality is amazing and best of all Piper loves to use them to eat. The silicone rings make the dishes stay in place while your little one eats and easily pop off for cleaning.

WaterPura Wipes: I’ve previously talked about how much we love WaterWipes – they worked wonders on Piper’s sensitive skin but they are a little expensive. WaterPura wipes are practically the exact same thing, but I find them to be more durable and are much more affordable.

Play broom: Earlier this week I picked up a “present” for Piper — a little play broom from Target. The funny thing is she now calls it a present when she uses it instead of broom. I knew she would love it and it’s been so beautiful here that she’s been doing a lot of sweeping outside. I can’t find the exact one online – but I’m thinking she needs this little set for her kitchen.


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  1. Ashley Anderson

    March 12th, 2017 at 3:04 am

    Caitlin! I had to write and say that it has been SO FUN following along your and Piper’s journey because my daughter is 19 months old and just one month behind Piper. It’s so fun to see you two traveling one step ahead of us! And it must be said that Piper is a doll!

    I was also wondering if you’d consider doing a post on the best easter dresses and easter baskets. I’m sure you have a ton on your plate, so no big deal if not. :)