A Simple Trick That Helped Our Baby Sleep Through The Night

September 21, 2016


We have been pretty lucky in that Piper has slept pretty well since she was about a month old. Don’t get me wrong there have been plenty  of sleepless nights in our house but overall I don’t complain. I exclusively breastfed Piper until she was 13 months so this tip really only applies to those who nurse (sorry!) based on our experience. Someone gave my mom this tip and she passed it along. In the first few months it can be very hard to know exactly how much milk your baby is taking so as soon as we introduced a bottle (around 3 or 4 weeks) we started feeding her a full bottle of pumped milk before bed. This way we knew she was drinking a solid 4-5 ounces and we really contribute her good sleep habits to this little routine. It also enables other people besides mom to put her to bed. Win win. 

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Photo by Alex Williams 



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