Fall Bucket List (For Busy Families)




Happy FALL! My very favorite season starts today and despite feeling overwhelmed with the end of wedding season upon us and a boatload of house projects I am DETERMINED to savor and enjoy every day this fall. Below is the list I made of things I’d actually like do. While I dream of hosting an apple pie tasting party and going to an orchard I’m not sure it will fit in our schedule (Austin working weekends & getting his master’s in his “spare time” and my floral & wedding clients) so I tried to keep this as realistic as possible! 

Bake an apple pie from scratch (no pre-made crust — I’ve never done this before!) 
Go on a family trip to the pumpkin patch
Take Piper to the Fall Festival (at Homestead Gardens)
Perfect my pumpkin bread recipe 
Make Piper’s Halloween costume myself 
Collect leaves in the back yard with Piper and press them to dry 
Try out a new apple cider cocktail recipe 
Invite friends over for a wine night or dinner party 
Plant mums and decorate our front porch
Work on expanding my glass pumpkin collection
Swap our sheets for flannel 
Finish one new book 
Light a fall candle & sip a glass of wine after busy days
Make ‘fall spice paint‘ for Piper to play with 
Start a gratitude journal 


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Fall Bucket List (For Busy Families)



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