A Super Helpful Device For Sick Babies



Knock on wood, Piper hasn’t been sick too much in her 20 months of life so far. I attribute this mainly to a year of breastfeeding and being at home with a nanny and not in daycare around as many germs. Next year when she goes to school we are in for big changes! I remember the first time Piper had a fever, coincidentally it was after a set of shots but this fever last for days. We were out of town and I was beside myself with worry. I’d never seen Piper so lethargic or miserable and I was a wreck when we put her to bed. I wanted to wake her up every hour to take her temperature, not something she loved me doing at the time. I sure wish I had a TempTraq then!!

TempTraq is a little patch you attach to your child’s underarm, it’s a sticker essentially that has a wireless sensor that monitors your child’s temperature… in other word’s a wearable thermometer! I was sent a TempTraq to try out last year and was so glad I had it on hand the last time Piper was sick. It really put my mind at ease and I so wished I had one on hand during early motherhood. The patch connects to an app you download on your phone and you can monitor your child’s temperature around the clock, without having to disturb them to take it or wake them from sleep. It allows you to set an alert if their temperature rises above a certain number.

It’s thin and flexible and easy to apply and Piper didn’t even notice it was on. Each patch lasts 24 hours and I found it to be super accurate. When monitoring a fever around the clock for days on end it was really helpful. Piper was actually sick last week when we photographed this post which is why she doesn’t look too happy! I have an extra on hand for the next time Piper gets sick and will always suggest this to new moms or even as an item to register for!

Temptraq retails for $19.99 and can be found at Amazon, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Dillon’s, Fry’s, HyVee, Meijer, Ralph’s and Kroger. Coupon for $5 off here

*This post was created in partnership with TempTraq- thank you for supporting the brands that keep The Mama Notes in business. As always, I only endorse products we’ve tried and love ourselves! 

Photography by Anna Reynal 

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A Super Helpful Device For Sick Babies



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