Actionable Steps You Can Take To End Gun Violence



I know I’m not alone as I sit here feeling lost, confused and saddened about what has happened to our country, the country we live in and are raising our babies in. In my opinion, The United States of America is no longer a safe place for anyone. Every day 100 Americans are shot. You could be taking your kids to a movie and get shot. You could be going to church with your family and get shot. You could be enjoying yourself with friends during a night out and get shot. Or you could be shopping for school supplies with your eager soon to be preschooler and get shot. This one hits closest to home because this is ME. It’s me and my baby girl going to get school supplies. It’s all of us and any of us. And we can’t let another mass shooting happen and not demand action be taken for our country and our future. For our children. And for us. Tragic gun violence has already happened to my town once and it can’t happen again.

I always feel these sentiments when the topic of gun control gets brought up, especially after a mass shooting- I feel enraged and motivated to do something and then I feel overwhelmed, lost and not sure of what tangible steps I can take to MAKE AN IMPACT. So I’ve done some research and I wanted to share it with you today. I URGE YOU TO DO SOMETHING FROM THIS LIST. It takes ALL OF US to create change. Every voice matters. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Donate to Everytown.

Send a message online to your US Senator to DEMAND gun control action now.

Join Moms Demand Action . Attend an event, chapter meeting or become a volunteer. Find events close to you here.

Join Giffords Courage To Fight Gun Violence

Text CHECKS to 644-33 to demand that your senator takes action on gun safety reform.

Contact YOUR local elected officials by phone and tell them you want to see action taken on gun safety reform. You will most likely be connected to a legislative assistant. These calls MATTER. They take a few minutes to make. Use this link to find your local representatives. Here is a script you can use!

VOTE in the 2020 Election!!!!!!!! Do your research. Do not vote for candidates who are backed, affiliated or accept money from the NRA. Campaign for these people.




Actionable Steps You Can Take To End Gun Violence


  1. Julie Ehrens says:

    Love this- thank you for posting. Please save it. These tragedies are so stoppable its sad. You would have thought SOMETHING would have been done after Columbine and Sandy Hook, but NO.

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