DIY Days Of The Week Clothes Organizer



Getting out the door in time for school has and I’m pretty sure ALWAYS will be a challenge for us. This year Piper starts school an hour earlier and is going full time, so it’s going to be a BIG adjustment for us all. I’m still working on childcare for Flora but I’m hoping she gets into an early 2’s program for a few days a week. Knowing that I need all the hacks I can get and our struggles with getting dressed I decided to make a clothes organizer that Piper can use to pick out her outfits every Sunday.

I ordered this one from Amazon and love the size of it. The only other supplies you need are felt and a hot glue gun. You can use stencils for the letters but I just printed a style font I liked on my home printer (I ended up going with Arial Block at 670x ).

Print out your letters, cut them and then use tape to adhere them to the felt. I find this easier than tracing! Cut out your felt and hot glue into the organizer! So easy. I hung the organizer up in the closet while I did this step.

If you try it be sure to tag us on social media (@TheMamaNotes) so we can see!!

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DIY Days Of The Week Clothes Organizer


  1. Tana says:

    Love this idea! Now if I could just get those clothes folded on Sunday night to do it…

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