Over 30 Mamas Share Their Best Breastfeeding Tips



Ask any mama who has experienced it…. breastfeeding is not EASY! I remember feeling so lost and overwhelmed as a first time mom, because of my extensive research I did have an understanding that it would be hard and I tried to prepare myself the best I could but it was still very challenging the first few months. I recently asked the amazing Mama Notes Community to share ONE tip they would offer a new mom who is breastfeeding. Consider this a gold mine of insightful, helpful tips! Look at it when you’re feeling frustrated. Send it to a friend who may need encouragement – and most of all realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS!

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Keep formula on hand so that you feel less pressure. Just feed your baby and chill!

It will get easier! The first 4 months are rough and then one day it’s just a cinch.

If you quit, quit on a great day not a bad day. Bad days make you bitter.

Just because it hurts doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Many moms have sore nipples even if baby has a perfect latch. Nipples are tender!

Get yourself a good cardigan with pockets.

No matter what they say it isn’t second nature.

It’s a full time job at the beginning !

Don’t give up on a bad day. Lactation consultants are your friends!

Don’t give up on yourself if it’s something you really want to achieve!

Listen for the baby swallowing! No one ever told me this!

Hakaa whenever you can! You’ll be amazed how much you can stash for a rainy day.

Air your nipples out in the early days. Wear a robe or nurse topless, it helps them heal!

Breastfeeding is hard. Try to push through those first couple months until you hit your grove.

Just keep trying even when you really REALLY want to give up!

Feed on demand for the first 2-6 weeks to establish a strong supply. And, it gets easier!

Be patient! You and your babe are both learning. It’s definietly a process but so worth while!

The nipple shield helped me when I was having a lot of pain!

It’s harder than giving birth! But hang in there!

Nourish yourself, take care of you, so you can continue to nourish your little one.

I wish I would have known it’s hard & a big learning curve – And to have grace on myself!

Try all different holds until you find that one that works. It might be different on each side!

Don’t have an end goal in mind otherwise you’re always counting down. Take it day by day until it doesn’t feel right!

Hire a lactation consultant to check for tongue/lip tie!

It gets easier.

Meet with a lactation consultant BEFORE you have baby. Then you already have a relationship for when you need help.

It’s ok to struggle and not “like” breastfeeding.

You can do it! But you don’t have to!

Take a breastfeeding course and find someone to come to your home to support after birth.

Practice pumping before back to work by pumping near your baby. It helps with letdown.

Eat oatmeal, drink SO MUCH WATER, love yourself even when it’s tough, you can do it!

Surround yourself with women who successfully nursed! A support group is KEY!

Never compare your milk production to other mamas!

It’s called breastfeeding not nipple feeding! Shove it all in!

Get the right size pump flanges! Maymom.com is a great resource for figuring out what size you need!




Over 30 Mamas Share Their Best Breastfeeding Tips


  1. Blair says:

    Remember not every experience is the same. Every baby is so different as well as each nursing experience. Try not to compare. Try each time, all the different things.

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