An Easy Back-Pocket Toddler Dinner



I am often alone at dinner time with my girls – and while most nights of the week I try to make homemade, healthy meals sometimes I just need something I can easily throw together. I’ve felt a lot of guilt about weeknight mac & cheese, frozen dinners etc. but have learned to toss these feelings out the window. I know my girls are healthy and if some nights we need something quick and easy – it’s ok! This meal is pretty healthy AND easy! It literally takes 5 minutes and both of my girls love it.

Here’s what you do. I won’t go so far as to call this a recipe, because it’s not.

Heat up a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen cooked rice. We love jasmine but brown rice would be a healthier option. You could also use a rice cooker and make your own.

Next….heat up a frozen meatball while the rice cools. I make a batch of my turkey meatballs about twice a month so they are always on hand. I chop them up after they cool a little.

And last…. heat up some frozen peas. My girls LOVE peas (Piper really likes to eat them frozen too…). Mix it all together with a few drops of soy sauce.





An Easy Back-Pocket Toddler Dinner


  1. Renee says:

    Done and done! This will be dinner tomorrow!

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