An Overview Of The Most Popular Baby Swaddles




Most parents agree that baby swaddles are a lifesaver during the newborn days – but now with SO many options on the market it can be overwhelming to find one that works for both you and your baby! While many go the traditional route of physically wrapping the baby in a soft muslin blanket like a tiny burrito (I think it’s safe to say most first time parents at least attempt it for a few days) once you discover how easy some of the swaddle wraps are to use you’ll likely never go back! Swaddles help mimic the feeling of being in the womb and keep your baby warm, snuggled and cozy when you’re trying to teach them about the concept of sleep. I polled The Mama Notes Community and got hundreds of responses in regards to favorite swaddles, I sifted through them all to come up with this list of the top suggested! 


It’s important to remember that babies should NEVER use a swaddle once they can roll over. At this point you can graduate to an arms out swaddle or sleep sack (or the miracle, Magic Merlin Suit). 

SwaddleMe: I have to start with the most suggested swaddle and my personal favorite. After attempting an actual swaddle blanket for a few weeks and then trying nearly every swaddle on the market, Swaddle Me is hands down our favorite. We love how EASY they are to use, how quick you can wrap up your baby and how snug they fit. Yes, there is velcro, no it never scratched either of our babies. It’s my go-to shower gift. 
Price: $24.99/2  / 1k+ Amazon Reviews 

Love To Dream Swaddle Original & Up 50/50: Great for transitioning out of the swaddle when your baby is ready to have their arms up! The shoulders zip off  in the 50/50 version so the baby can have one or both arms out. We used this during Flora’s 4 month sleep regression. 
Price: $34.95 / 2k+ Amazon Reviews 

Halo Sleep Sack: This was in our swaddle rotation – though it’s more of a wearable blanket and not as tight and snug as some of the other swaddle options. You do have the option of arms out for when your baby gets bigger. There’s an inverted zipper so diaper changes are easy! We loved this as we started transitioning out of the swaddle since it’s much looser. It comes in several different fabrics, making it ideal for different times of the year/climates.
Price: $22.99 / 1,600 Amazon Reviews

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets: If you’re going the traditional swaddle route (we attempted it for a few weeks with our first baby) the most universally suggested swaddle blanket is going to be Aden & Anais. They are incredibly soft, come in beautiful patterns and made from breathable bamboo. They also make great nursing covers and are obviously great blankets, too! 
Price: $22.94/2 

Solly: Solly is known for their soft, snuggly baby wearing wraps, but they now make swaddles out of that same dreamy fabric. They are over-sized, making them great for using as a nursing cover. While the Aden & Anais is made from bamboo, the Solly swaddle has a little bit of stretch. All a personal preference when it comes to mastering the swaddle. 
Price: $23

Miracle Blanket : We didn’t try this one, at first glance it looks very similar to the Swaddle Me but it’s very different. It’s made from a breathable cotton knit and it does NOT use velcro, but layers of fabric to swaddle your baby. “Over 2 million happy babies and parents can’t be wrong!” Lots of moms suggested this one but it does look a little confusing for an exhausted mom to put on!! 
Price: $29.95

Ollie: So many people love this swaddle!!! We had it but never ended up using it because it intimidated me, but I should have watched some videos and actually tried it! You can swaddle arms in or out, it’s made from a moisture-wicking fabric to help control babe’s temperature. One big pro to this swaddle is that it opens at the bottom (this part made it feel complicated to me personally) so you don’t have to un-swaddle your baby for diaper changes during the night! 
Price: $59

There were two other swaddles suggested by several mamas that I wanted to mention – Nuroo & Cooper Pearl.




An Overview Of The Most Popular Baby Swaddles



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