Best At-Home Workouts For Postpartum



I just had my 6 week postpartum OBGYN appointment and was cleared for exercise. I was both looking forward to this but also dreading it because I no longer have an excuse for being so physically LAZY. I go through cycles of exercising/not-exercising like most of us and have always tried to fit in at least walking into my schedule. Honestly since I had Piper and was juggling 3 jobs with part-time childcare it really fell through the cracks. Fast forward to today — and for the first time I really feel the need to lose some weight. I’ve always been naturally thin and the last time I was on a diet + exercise routine was before my wedding. I don’t do well with diets most of the time but the fact that none of my clothes fit is really motivating me. I posted something on Instagram asking people for their favorite at-home workouts since I know that’s all I’ll be able to fit in (if at all!!!) right now and thought I’d share them today. What’s great about all of these is that they are QUICK so you can fit them in during a nap or after your kids go to bed. Technology has really revolutionized work outs and I’m just amazed at how many options there are available that make it easy to get a great work out at home.

BBG (Bikini Body Guide): This was by far the most suggested workout – and I’ve seen it everywhere lately from bloggers doing it to it popping up non-stop as an ad on Facebook. People love it because it WORKS – but it’s pretty hardcore. I downloaded the app SWEAT but someone also sent me the PDF and I did the first workout last night! The plan consists of 3 workouts a week (around 30 mins) and I think there is a whole diet component too. You’ll see there is a huge online community with BBG.

Tone It Up: Another popular suggestion — I’ve known about TIU for a few years since we featured the girls on Glitter Guide a while ago. They also have a strong online community, workouts and a diet plan and like BBG people rave about the results.

The Balanced Life: I’m really excited about this one because I love pilates and find it can really transform my body if I stick with it. Robin has programs you can buy but she also has some workouts on Youtube — I did an 8 minute one last night and it was great! I love that they are quick and easy — and she also has a 30 day pilates challenge!

Barre3: I love that barre studios are offering classes online! I’ve only done barre once and it was KILLER but I totally get why people get sucked into it– and I love that this one combines yoga, pilates, weight training + cardio. Its $29/month so much less than the classes.

Aaptiv: I used Aaptiv when I was pregnant and really enjoyed it. They have stroller workouts and really ANY kind of class and you can access it from your phone through their app which is convenient. The only thing I don’t like is not having a visual example for some of the harder workouts since I’m not well trained in all of the exercises. For me it’s great for walking/running and gym machines (but we aren’t members of the gym at the moment).

Fitness Blender: Hundreds of free workout videos are available on this site at all different fitness levels. They also have programs and nutrition plans that you can pay for.

Momma Strong:Really excited about this one! It’s $2/month, offers 5 different online fitness programs all geared towards women who just had babies or are currently pregnant and all workouts are 15 minutes and under!!!





Best At-Home Workouts For Postpartum



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