Camp Mama Notes Beach Week Activities

I’m so excited to kick off Beach Week here at Camp Mama Notes :) I hope you find these activities helpful as you plan out the next few months with your kids! I’ll be sharing some of these on Instagram stories throughout the week and adding some additional ones so be sure to check back!

Here’s the Amazon Shop that has most of the supplies you’ll need for the activities below! And you can click here to buy the prints!

Sand Slime

This is our FIRST foray into slime making! Piper has been dying to try it so I couldn’t resist! It was SO easy to make and kept the girls entertained for a LONG time (over an hour).

Clear Glue
Contact Lens Solution (Be sure it contains boric acid & sodium borate)
Baking Soda
Play Sand

Mix together 6oz clear glue, 1/2tbs baking soda and 1tbs contact solution. Add in 1/2 cup play sand and stir until combined. Knead until it’s no longer sticky. Add glitter if you’d like but be warned that it does tend to come off the slime a bit as you play and get on hands and surfaces (still worth it in my opinion). Store in an airtight container!

Recipe adapted from Mas & Pas

Letter & Number Formation Sand Tray

We tried this activity a few months ago and it was such a fun way to explore letter formation. For this adaptation I added shells and a shovel and then created this little shell printable with numbers on it (get it here). Let your child practice forming the number (or letter) using their finger or a small wooden stick or pointy shell, then use the shovel to smooth the sand. After we finish Piper enjoys just playing in the sand for a while! Flora loves to play with this too!

Play sand
Letter or Number cards (available here)

Painted Shells

This one never gets old!! Collect shells (or order them online) and then go to town with water colors or acrylic paint and glitter.

After the shells have dried (or before you start) you can have your child sort them into small, medium and large categories or use them for counting activities. We haven’t painted ours yet, but here’s a picture of how you can use the number print for counting.

Salt Water Taffy Playdough Factory

I may be most excited about this!! My girls had soooo much fun making Valentine’s Day chocolate candies that I knew I had to come up with something for our summer camp that was similar. Nostalgic saltwater taffy it is ! Now, saltwater taffy doesn’t typically have sprinkles or glitter but feel free to add them!

Playdough (our go-to recipe)
Wax Paper Squares (or just cut regular wax paper)
Box + Salt Water Taffy label (available here)

Salt Dough Starfish

Classic salt dough is always fun and these really dry to have the texture & appearance of starfish. Of course you can paint them, too! Flora (2.5) helped me make the dough and cut them all out (cookie cutter linked in the Amazon shop)!

Flour, Water, Salt, Pearls, Paint, Glitter, Mod Podge, Cookie Cutters

1. Make salt dough & bake. We used 1/2 of this recipe. I pressed some of the pearl beads into the starfish before they went into the oven to create the indentations you see above and to make it easier to glue the beads.
2. Paint and decorate with glitter! Use Mod Podge to seal if you’d like!

Sandpaper Sand Castles

Bring the beach to you! You can build your sandcastle on paper with glue or you can put magnets on the back of the pieces and use a fridge or other surface.

Optional: Magnets, glitter, sequins, sea shell print (here) to decorate with

Cut sand paper into a variety of different shapes and allow your child to build a castle. You can decorate it with glitter, sequins, beads or paint.

Beach Print Letter Matching

Snag our beach print (available here) and then have your child figure out what letter each picture starts with. You can cut out our alphabet print or use magnets, we used these acrylic letters ! Place the letter on the picture.

Fizzy Shell Ice

Ice Cube Mold
Baking Soda
Sand (optional)

Add 1 tbs of baking soda to each ice cube mold, top with a shell and water. Freeze overnight. Set out an invitation for your child to experiment and play with vinegar, a dropper and water. My girls loved having messy fun with this as they uncovered the shells!

Beach Ball Games

This is a great round up of fun games to try at home with a beach ball!



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  1. Thank you for all these adorable and creative ideas! You continue to do so much for your community! Thinking of you as you prepare for baby number 3 to arrive any day!