Date Your Kids Jar



In an attempt to hold ourselves accountable with making one on one time with our girls a priority before baby #3 arrives I came up with the date your kids jar! I’m sure you’ve heard of date jars before, and this is just a take on it. All you have to do is write little outings you can take with your kids on slips of paper, fold them up and pop them into your date your kids jar! Color code them if you wish – per child or for more local quick outings vs longer ones etc.

We plan on using this for both my husband and I, for each girl – but if you find yourself at home with the kids a lot this would be a cute Valentine’s Day present for your partner/dad to give the kids!

Here are some of the ideas we put in our jar:

Ice Cream
Coffee shop for hot chocolate
I wrote down all of the different local parks & playgrounds
Feed the ducks
Go on a hike
Take a train ride
Ride bikes
Make a picnic
Go to the beach
Walk downtown
Go out for breakfast
Get donuts
Trip to the Dollar Store
Scavenger hunt

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Date Your Kids Jar



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