DIY Baby Sensory Bags

I recently shared a photo of the DIY sensory bag I made for Flora (9 months) on my Instagram stories and it couldn’t have been easier to make! All I did was take a tub of clear hair gel (pick these up for cheap at the Dollar Store) and empty it into a freezer bag. Then add whatever sensory items you want – this bag just has an assortment of sequins. Squeeze all of the air out before sealing shut. If you’re nervous about the bag popping or your little one poking a hole just double bag it. Attach to a window, cabinet or wall with painters tape and you have a fun sensory activity for your baby! These are also great to use when your baby is learning how to sit up to give them something interesting and new to look at. You can have fun with food coloring and all different textures, shapes and colors as your baby grows. This blog post has some really fun ideas! I love the idea of doing seasonal and holiday related bags, too.




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