Why I Love When My Toddler Wakes Up In The Night



Yes, you read that right. At first I found the night wakes annoying — I mean really what parent would be happy to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of their child yelling.  But the past month or so I’ve become so sentimental about these night wakings. I think it may have something to do with the “threenager” phase.  I have glimpse of truly how quickly my baby is growing up. After being a great sleeper for years, lately Piper has been waking in the middle of the night. It’s been going on since the summer and she’ll have weeks without doing it and then it will start up again. Most recently she’s become scared of one thing or another (like the witch in her Halloween book or a fly ) so her nighttime wake ups really requiring some consoling vs. just rocking her back to sleep. And lately,  I’ve come to love just brining her into bed with us. I know that people have strong opinions about bed sharing – and I did to, up until this point. Really, I’ve never minded having our babies in bed with us because it was never something that happened every night and it never happened enough to become a routine – and it still hasn’t. I always feared it would though, so I avoided it for the most part.

Really – the reason I started bringing Piper into our bed was out of pure selfishness, I was tired, it was the middle of the night- and it was easier to just bring her with me to bed than spend 15 minutes trying to assure her that there are in fact NO sheep in her bedroom.

But lately I’ve just grown so emotional about how quickly Piper is growing… and I know soon she won’t want to be as cuddly, held all the time and just NEED and want her mom (or dad). I know that my hugs and “I love you’s” won’t be enough to make her feel instantly better about all her worries and troubles. So when she wakes in the night crying for me I personally find comfort that she needs me and I love just scooping her up, bringing her into bed and falling asleep together with her in my arms. I totally GET why people opt to bed share. And I totally get how it’s NOT the best choice for everyone. But for now I’m ok with her sleeping with us from time to time if it means I get a few extra nights of being able to hold her while she sleeps.





Why I Love When My Toddler Wakes Up In The Night



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