DIY Customized Sea Shell Collecting Bags



Have you seen these adorable mesh shell collecting bags floating around the internet? I’ve seen several cute DIYs with them and first discovered them from my business partner, Mandy! She customized hers SO adorably for her kids with pipe cleaners! I ordered a set of the bags (only $15 for 3 ) and have had them sitting in my closet for weeks. While they are plenty cute on their own, I finally decided to personalize them by hot-gluing sparkly initial letters to each one! It only took me a few minutes to complete this project and I’m going to give them to my daughters before we go on vacation in August!

It was so easy to do this. All you need is a letter template, glitter ribbon, cardboard and a hot glue gun.

Trace the letter on the glitter ribbon and cut it out – I use find fabric scissors work best for this. Stick a piece of cardboard inside the bag so the glue doesn’t seep through to the back. Apply a little hot glue onto the letter and press it onto the bag, let it dry for a few seconds and then pull out the cardboard. Easy peasy!




DIY Customized Sea Shell Collecting Bags



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