DIY Fabric Covered Inspiration Pin Boards



DIY Linen Like Inspiration Board

So many people have asked about the pin boards in my Instagram photos that I thought I’d share how I made them. I’m all about an easy DIY (like these tassel napkins rings, or my linen-like napkins) but this one is pretty darn simple. It’s also cheap and fast. I made both of these boards in under 20 minutes and I already had the supplies on hand but I’m guessing it would cost between $15-$20. I was in the midst of my office design and quickly needed something to hang over my console. I covered foam core boards with Osnaburg fabric, which is my secret go-to for a luxe look for much less, when I use a coupon I can get this fabric at my local Joanne’s for around $3/yard. They also have it at Walmart! The best part about these inspiration boards is the ability to change what you have on them as much as you want — as you’ll see from these photos I have fun updating them every few months. View More: View More:


DIY Linen-Like Covered Pin Boards 
Foam core board cut to your desired size (these shown are) 
Osnaburg fabric (large enough to cover your boards and wrap around the edges) 
Straight pins
Brass upholstery tacks/nails (I love these and have used them on many projects) 

1. Lay out your fabric and place the boards on top. Cut the fabric so you have around a 2 inch over hang on each side. 
2. Iron the fabric. 
3. Lay the fabric out on a table and place the board on top. Star at the top and fold 1-2 inches of the fabric over the top. 
4. Use straight pins to tack it down, making sure you don’t push the pin through to the other side.
5. Continue this for all sides of the board, pulling the fabric as taught as you can.
6. Decide where you want to hang the board and using a hammer nail the brass tacks in each corner to attach it to your wall. 

Images by Krista A. Jones




DIY Fabric Covered Inspiration Pin Boards



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