DIY Summer Activity Chart



Our summer break has officially started I’m really excited to share this super easy activity chart we plan to use all season long. I got the idea from my friend Mandy of Momma Society (see how she made hers here). Last year I created something similar but it was online/paper and just for me. I always have all these great ideas and plans for the different seasons but this chart will actually help hold me accountable. It also makes me feel LESS guilty if that’s possible. That I’m not doing enough fun things or crossing off everything on our summer bucket list.

So here’s what we are doing with our chart!

I came up with 20-30 summer activities ranging from running through the sprinkler, to making popsicles, visiting a museum, having a treasure hunt snack, going on a nature walk, making bird finders. The list goes on and on – some are really simple things we can do at home, others are recipes, crafts and outings. I wrote each one on a popsicle stick – see the full list of what we put in our calendar below!

Then I made this really easy chart using a hot glue gun, foam squares and a foam core poster board. I made pockets to slide the popsicle sticks into and then put velcro dots under for other weekly activities like swim lessons, play dates etc. The idea is that we will plan it out every Sunday together and Piper will have fun looking at it to see what’s coming up in the week ahead!


Bake Bringing Up Bebe’s Yogurt Cake
Make popsicles
Make ice cream
Make smore’s after dinner
Make lemonade

Bike ride
Outdoor scavenger hunt
Have a tea party
Plant an herb garden
Make rainbow bubbles
Make bubble wands
Make moon sand
Make paper flowers
Paint shells
Sidewalk chalk paint
Car wash with outside toys
Make bird finders with toilet paper rolls
“Ice Cream Shop” sensory bin

Make a lucky charm necklace before a road trip
Send letters to family
Treasure hunt snack
PJ day & make a blanket fort

Visit US Botanical Garden
Go to our community beach
Go to our community playground
Go to Quiet Waters Park
Go to Kinder Farm Park
Visit a museum in DC
Go to the zoo
Go swimming
Visit the library




DIY Summer Activity Chart



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