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June 7, 2019

Favorite post to write of the week! I spent this week catching up on taking time off for our trip to California while simultaneously starting summer break with both the girls home…….needless to say I’m sipping a glass of wine as I write this!

Wearing my favorite summer dress from Amazon

I FINALLY purchased a patio set. I sold ours last summer because I didn’t like how bulky it was…. and now we have no where to really sit outside. So after suffering through this all last summer and this spring, I got this simple little conversation set, the reviews are great and it’s under $500 and will be here Monday!

Hmmm – think again about what dated movies you decide to show your kids. A list of kids films with sexist views.

Um trying this genius popsicle bath idea next week for sure!!!

Lemon Stripes shared this great reminder about how we should talk about food and body image in front of our kids.

My summer hat got bent and its a few years old so I made a splurge on this beauty. It’s under $50 and so beautiful – my last straw hat was this brand and lasted for a while!

We just got back from a trip to California and I shared several posts this week answering reader questions and talking about our experience traveling with 2 kids. A review of the JetKids BedBox, Tips for Traveling At The Airport, and staying in a HOTEL with toddlers.

And… don’t forget to enter our big summer kick-off giveaway with $1500 in prizes from our curated favorite kids brands!



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