Tips For Hotel Stays With Toddlers



We’ve stayed at a few hotels with both our girls and learned a thing or two along the way. We just got back from San Francisco and while I wish I had a glowing review to write about our hotel – the staff was so rude! Despite this we had a great stay, the decor was spot on and the location was perfect (Hotel Triton is the name).

City hotels are notoriously small and when booking I always try to compare square footage with price. I was honestly a little worried that our travel crib (we use and love this one) would fit but we made it work! If you can booking a suite is obviously the ideal way to go – but we’ve actually never done it!

First tip: be flexible!! While it’s always ideal to have a separate room or area of your baby crib sometimes it’s just not the case. You never really know what you’re going to get! We had to move a bench to fit our crib but it ended up working out perfectly and the girls could sit on it and play next to the bed, look out the window and sit to eat.

How we do bedtime:

Generally one of us will stay in the room and put Flora to bed while the other takes Piper out to do something until she’s asleep. In SF – we all went to bed together because… #jetlag but it still worked out.

We turn off the lights, set Piper up with the iPad and her headphones and then put Flora to sleep. Once we are sure that Flora is sleeping we tell Piper it’s time for bed and she falls asleep pretty quickly! We talk with Piper about how she needs to be very quiet and use a whisper voice and knock on wood she hasn’t woke Flora yet!

Next tip: pack a sound machine or two!! We never travel without them.

Stick to your bedtime routine as best you can. We didn’t have a bathtub in our hotel room, so I took a shower with the girls instead. I always try to read a bedtime book and keep things feeling as normal as they do at home.

We are flexible with our nap schedule when traveling but know it’s best if we can get the girls to sleep for at least an hour, somewhere. They usually always sleep in the car when they are tired so we try to plan driving longer distances around nap time!

I worry about Piper falling off of the high hotel beds so we usually make a ‘nest’ for her with pillows. She loves this and I always feel more comfortable falling asleep too (she’s never actually fallen out of bed but usually wakes up horizontal)!

As soon as we check-in to our room I do a quick swipe and move anything at Flora’s height that she can get into and set up a diapering area. Usually just a towel on the edge of one of the beds. We use our diaper trash bags and take the diapers outside to the trashcan right away!




Tips For Hotel Stays With Toddlers



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