A Review Of The JetKids BedBox



We just got back from our cross-country trip to California and I wanted to share about the incredible product we had the opportunity to test out on our trip — the JetKids BedBox.

Full disclosure: I reached out to Stokke and asked if we could test out one of their JetKids BedBoxes. I’d seen them pop up on my Instagram feed and heard great reviews and wanted to try one out with my girls so we could share about it with our community!

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So what is the JetKids BedBox? It’s a travel suitcase that not only can your kids ride on (or pull) but it also transforms into a bed on the airplane. Piper LOVED it. She took full ownership of her ‘bed’ and loved riding it and pulling it through the airport. I’ve never had so many people talk to us while traveling about it!!

I have shared a few videos of Piper riding on it (just check out our Instagram highlight here) – and got a lot of questions from the community that I’ll answer below.

Here’s why we loved it: It’s lightweight and easily fits under your seat! We set it up like a bed after takeoff and Piper curled up and fell to sleep on both of our flights. It also provided a nice area for the girls to sit and play and not worry about stuff falling under the seat.

We had zero negative issues with the BedBox! The only thing you have to consider is it does count as one of your carry-on items and doesn’t have room for a ton of stuff. It stored more bulky items for us like books, activity books, blankets and stuffed animals which was nice. It doesn’t fit a ton of stuff because of the bedding roll that’s housed inside. You definitely couldn’t really pack your kids clothes in it – think of it more as a place for carry on items. And you want to consider how you pack those items since you will be taking the bed roll in and out.

Is it worth $200? I would say if you travel frequently – and long distances then 100% yes! If you fly once a year across country, probably not.

Here are some of the most asked questionsI got about it:

Any issues with security or flight attendants?

None whatsoever! I was nervous about this – but Southwest is on their list of approved airlines and I confirmed with the brand when we got it that it would work. Honestly I was surprised and also shocked that it really fit under our 4 different airplane seats! A lot of staff had said they had never seen anything like it before but never had an issue!

Did Piper or Flora use it more?

Piper used it mainly. The one issue we ran into with Flora using it is that we only had 3 seats and she was a lap child. So if we set up the bed in one of the seats for her to sleep, and then the seatbelt sign came on, we’d need our seat back! You can use a seatbelt with the BedBox (Piper had hers on the whole time even when sleeping) – but because we didn’t have a 4th seat for Flora we couldn’t really put her to sleep on it. Hard to explain but it makes sense!

Do all airlines allow it? Do you set it up after take off?

There is a list of approved airlines here. Also they are active on Facebook posting when new ones approve! Make sure your airline is approved before purchasing it! And yes- we set it up as soon as we were at ‘cruising altitude’ !

What age is it appropriate for?

The company lists the bed for ages 2+ and ride- on feature for ages 3-7. Like I mentioned above Flora enjoyed sitting and playing on it.

Does it fit under the seat?

Yes, it fit under the seat of all 4 airplanes we took.

jetkids bedbox




A Review Of The JetKids BedBox



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