Product Review: Nanit Video Monitor




I have the opportunity to test out lots of baby gear and thought I’d start a new series where I post honest reviews of different products we are using in our house starting off with a review of the Nanit Baby Monitor. I hope to feature reviews from members of The Mama Notes Inner Circle (join here) in the coming months, too! This post was not sponsored by Nanit, but they did send a monitor for us to try.

Product: Nanit Baby Monitor 
Cost: $379 (includes 1 year of Nanit Insights)

Product claims:

What makes Nanit different? This monitor tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and provides you with insights and tips that equip you to help your baby sleep better.

Product highlights:

-The monitor offers the best view of your baby, thanks to the ability to have it positioned directly above the crib with the wall mount or stand

-Soft glow nightlight with gradual dimming

-HD live streaming (and you can use background audio to still hear your baby when you have a different app open on your phone) on multiple devices

-Smart sensors track baby’s every move

-Nanit Insights tracks all of your baby’s sleep data on an app, offers different reports, sleep tips and more

-Works over WiFi

-You pay for the device and Nanit Insights separately. $100 gets you a year of insights while a one-time fee of $300 will get you unlimited insights forever. Without subscribing to Insights you are still able to use the app to see your baby, but nothing is recorded and saved.

Our experience:

We’ve been using the Nanit monitor for the past month and overall we are big fans! It’s definietly more tech oriented and if you’re not interested in the latest in greatest in technology then this may not be for you. The monitor its self has a sleek and modern design (which aligns with the beautiful website and app) — we have the wall mounted version and did have to re-arrange our nursery to accommodate it. I have a hard time remembering what time Flora went down for her naps and love that everything is tracked on the Nanit app. This is also super helpful if you have a babysitter or nanny and want to see how your baby slept throughout the day. Being able to have the app open on multiple devices at the same time is also helpful! The quality of the video and sound is unlike any other monitor we’ve used, it’s so clear!  I didn’t think we’d use the nightlight but it offers a really nice soft glow which is nice for trying to find a pacifier when it’s dark.

And the downsides…..

We’ve had a few issues with connectivity and had to unplug the monitor to restart it, once we do that there aren’t any problems though.

Having to pay an additional fee for the Insight service is kind of a pain — but I do love what it offers.

Getting used to having the monitor on my phone has been an adjustment – I’m used to carrying around a monitor I can stand up and look at whenever I want, however I understand that this is the direction all monitors are going! It’s nice that you can keep the audio on in the background of your phone while you use other apps.

I do wish we had the stand monitor vs. the wall mounted option because you can travel with it. You can’t travel with the wall mount which is a big downside for me- so I’d highly suggest the stand!

Overall – this is a great monitor for the tech savvy parent. We love how it tracks Flora’s sleep and we can see patterns arise from day to day, the quality of the video is incredible and we love the tips and Insights.

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Product Review: Nanit Video Monitor



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