DIY Summer Garden Arrangement



I love the few months out of the year that there are fresh flowers to be picked to make garden arrangements versus making my weekly trip to the store for blooms. Our yard now has mostly greens for the picking — but luckily my parents’ is full of hydrangea. I can’t ever get them to last more then a few days, so I did end up grabbing a small bundle of stock to replace the hydrangea in this arrangement and thought I’d share the easy steps to putting it together. Hope you have a great weekend — I’ll be backing for my trip to the Napa Valley on Monday! 

Start with a handful of greens — ivy and vine is fun because it trails, but you can really use anything. 
Add in some tall grass for texture and to fill in. I love the color of these verigated grasses. 
Next add some fresh herbs — they are so aromatic and add nice texture. I used sage and rosemary here. 
Finally, add in a few fresh flowers — ideally from your garden but substitute store bought ones if you can’t and you’ll still end up saving money! 





DIY Summer Garden Arrangement



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