Easter Basket Finds On Amazon

If you’re anything like me you’ll be shopping for Easter basket treats via every mom’s beloved PRIME. I can never seem to get it together in time for anything else these days…. so I thought I’d share a few fun finds for Easter.

  1. Meri Meri Easter Bags 2. Bunny Hair Clips 3. Wooden Egg Shaker (*Piper loves using these in music class) 4. Chasity White Rabbit  5. Miyoni Bunny 6. Wooden Eggs 7. Bunny Socks 8. Bunny & Flower Stickers 9. Bunny PJs 10. Romper 11. Sunglasses 12.Ollie’s Easter Eggs 13. Happy Easter, Curious George 14.My First Easter



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  1. Melissa

    April 7th, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    These are such great picks and perfect for procrastinators since they are on Amazon :) I love that romper!