Why You Should Take A Vacation Without Your Kids

April 4, 2017

We just got back from an 8 night trip away from Piper. Leading up to it I was so anxious and nervous but at the same time I knew Piper was going to be soooo excited to spend time with her grandparents. I knew she was in good hands and sure she’d probably miss us at points but she’d be spoiled and given so much attention all day, every day. Previously I’d been on several trips (the first at 4 months) but Piper was always with Austin when I was out of town. She’s also become a pro at sleeping at my parents house for one night (we usually opt for her to stay there vs. have them come to our house if we are going out past 8pm or so). So  I had a feeling she’d be OK but I was also just a little nervous since it was the first real time she’d be away from us. And we were going to be FAR – in Italy!

But guys it was amazing…it truly was. And I highly suggest it for every parent. The first year of parenthood is hard, its exciting and thrilling and by far the best time of your life (for us anyways)— but there’s no doubt it comes with it’s challenges and lack of sleep. So after that 1 year mark I highly suggest taking a getaway with your significant other to give yourselves a break, a time to reconnect and just have fun. You made it. It doesn’t have to be as long or as far as our trip, a weekend away would do just as well. Its refreshing to have no real responsibilities for a few days at the very least…

Not only did we have the opportunity to spend days upon days having quality time with each other, but I also felt like I was able to connect with myself in a way I haven’t done in nearly two years. I could read when I wanted to read. Sleep when I wanted to sleep. Have a glass of wine when I wanted wine. Take a shower every single day and actually do my hair and makeup and put on a cute outfit and feel good about myself. Get inspired and refreshed for work. Enjoy browsing art in museums, finding hidden gems and new restaurants. I remembered some of  my hobbies and passions that I’d let slip away the past year.

Sure I thought of Piper all day everyday and eagerly awaited updates on what she was doing or photos from her adventures. Some times I wished she had joined us on the adventure but then quickly laughed at that idea idea. I was able to let go of the emails and the cell phones and focus on the present. It made me realize I need to do this more at home, when I’m with Piper, too. It was a trip I’ll remember forever and I think it made us both better parents. 



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