Everything You Need To Know This Week



There’s nothing like the feeling of kicking off a 3 day weekend AND the start of summer!! I hope you have fun plans for this Memorial Day weekend. We are staying local but heading to my best friend’s family property on the water for some fun on Sunday. And then we leave bright & early Wednesday morning for our trip to California!

Be sure to check out our BIG Memorial Day Sale post full of everything you need to know and check out this weekend.

Tips for flying with kids (needed a refresh since it’s been a while and we fly next week)!

I have followed Jennifer Lake for so long on Instagram and was obsessed with her photos last weekend at the opening of the super cool TWA Hotel at JFK airport. I LOVED reading her honest blog post about why the hotel stay wasn’t as pretty as the pictures!

Ughhhh the coolest new kids space in NYC. I really want to open something locally that’s maybe 1/4 as cool!

An old school photo birthday cake!!!! Love this. May have to convince Piper she needs one for her 4th birthday !

I haven’t read Cupcakes & Cashmere in a while but loved this article on a different approach to buying a dream home.

Have you used a Dollar Store pregnancy test? This is a great post about them!

Susie, the organizer extraordinare who transformed our playroom closet is hosting a FREE challenge to organize allllll those school keepsakes.




Everything You Need To Know This Week


  1. You are just the sweetest for including me, friend!

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