Gear Guide: Everything You Need To Survive Postpartum



Navigating postpartum is tricky, I will say it’s easier the second time around but it still presents both physical and mental challenges along with exhaustion. There’s nothing quite like going through it the first time though and I found having some supplies on hand made the experience easier for me. I’ve updated my list to include new products I’m trying this time and products I used with my first two babies. You’ll notice this list does not include any breastfeeding supplies as I have a whole post dedicated to that coming but in the meantime you can see my favorites in my Breastfeeding Amazon Shop. I’ve also created a Postpartum Amazon Shop .

*A note about Covid-19 and shipping…. during this time some of these items are sold out or on a delay, I’d highly suggest placing your order sooner rather than later if you’re delivering this summer!

*I’m not a medical expert, please consult with your team of doctor’s if you have any medical questions!

  1. Hot & Cold Perineal Ice & Hot Packs: I wish I had these after my previous deliveries! Eager to see how they work and support this small brand.
  2. Lanolin Nipple Cream: I like to have a natural organic option on hand but also this stuff that REALLY works for when things are rough the first few weeks. I also use it on my lips that get so dried out when nursing!
  3. Frida Mom Sitz Bath Salts: Designed with an easy to use pre-portioned tablet design, these sitz bath salts are created specifically for the postpartum mama.
  4. Upside Down Peri Bottle: Oh, this thing is a lifesaver! I used it with Flora and it’s 10x better than the standard peri bottle the hospital sends you home with and worth the $15 investment!
  5. Dermoplast: I tore pretty bad with my first birth and this was a lifesaver for a while!
  6. Perineal Healing Foam: I got this and it sounds like an amazing alternative to the Dermoplast if you’re not in quite as much pain.
  7. High-waist Underwear: You’ll definitely want comfortable high-waist underwear you don’t mind ruining, so I suggest grabbing a pack to have on hand.
  8. Postpartum Underwear: The hospital sends you home with 2-3 pairs of mesh underwear but I would have liked to have a few more pairs which is why I’m ordering these, plus they look like they have more support.
  9. Maxi Pads: No really glam, but definitely a necessity! The hospital sends you home with some but I needed them for far longer than that supply lasted, especially with my 2nd baby. I also used Depends for my 2nd that worked REALLY well!
  10. Donut Pillow: I was so glad I had this in the car after I had my first baby! Again, it won’t be necessary for everyone but if you have bad tearing it can really make sitting more comfortable the first few weeks, especially when you’re spending so much time sitting to nurse.
  11. Postpartum Mood Support: Supplements designed to specifically support the postpartum mom, now these were NOT around with my first baby and on my list this time around!
  12. Electrolyte Powder: Giving birth and breastfeeding can really dehydrate you, instead of stocking up on Gatorade for this birth I ordered these electrolyte packets to add to my water.
  13. Nourisher Postpartum Bars: Excited to try these bars specifically designed to support the postpartum mama.
  14. Yeti Water Tumbler: And speaking of hydration, this is my favorite water bottle, I fill it up at least 3x throughout the day and I love how cold it keeps my water!
  15. Button-Front Sleep Shirt: Don’t forget to treat yourself to a few new pairs of PJs. I personally love nightgowns and night-shirts that make nursing easy and don’t irritate my waist.
  16. The Fourth Trimester: On my must-read list, a guide to helping navigate the murky waters of postpartum!

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Gear Guide: Everything You Need To Survive Postpartum


  1. Mara says:

    I would add magnesium powder so you don’t have to strain as much when you have a bowel movement. You’ve been through enough, mamma! 😉

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