DIY Easter Basket Fillers



Times are tough right now. Maybe you never scooped up your Easter basket fillers before being quarantined or you’re trying to limit your spending right now. I fall into both boats and when putting together my girl’s baskets realized I needed a few more items but decided to challenge myself to make them with what I had on hand instead of ordering stuff online. It was actually really fun and felt good to craft in the evenings while making some special gifts for my girls! At the end I also included a few projects that friend’s have recently shared that I love, too!

Felt Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Piper is 4 and is just starting to get into tic-tac-toe so I thought it would be fun to her own game. Originally I was going to use some felt stickers I had purchased at Michael’s & Dollar Tree last month which you could easily do, you could also use erasers (Michael’s & Target have cute options). I ended up making felt eggs and decorating them with hot glue & sequins. It was a little tedious but I did it while watching TV and actually found it to be relaxing! I found a drawstring bag in my craft closet to hold all the pieces.

Supplies: Felt, hot glue gun . If you have a stiffer piece of felt it will work well for the game board, if not you can glue a piece of felt onto a piece of cardboard, or simply paint a piece of cardboard!

Bath Paint

I tried to think of gifts that I could make that my girls would be really excited about and I know that this one will fit the bill!! They have never used bath crayons or paint (I know, I know) and I think they are going to LOVE this! I plan to give them a little bit at a time using our paint trays so that I can stretch this out!

I followed this simple recipe but found I needed about 3x the amount of water and quite a bit of food coloring.

Supplies & Directions: Combine 1/4 cup cornstarch with 3tbs of water and then add 1/4 of body wash or shampoo and 5-6 drops food coloring. Continue adding water in small increments until you get a thick but paint-like consistency. Test it out on the tub!

Spring Playdough

Individual containers of playdough are a little more special! I used our favorite playdough recipe to make a pretty peach color and rolled it in glitter before placing in a plastic jar. I stuck a flower in the side :) I’m actually also giving the girls a unicorn playdough set prototype for a Mama Notes Activity Shop product for Easter since they are obsessed with ‘unis’ right now!

Felt Bunnies

I felt a little bad that I didn’t have any stuffed animals for the baskets since they are my girls’ very favorite thing so I tried to make something that somewhat resembled a little lovie.

I really just winged this one night while I was watching TV with hot glue and felt, so I don’t have a template or exact directions but I’ll try to explain what I did!

  1. Cut out 2 bunny shapes (the same size) out of felt. Mine are about 6 inches high and I basically did a snowman shape without the head.
  2. Cut out ears, I used the same color felt and then did a second piece for inside the ear.
  3. Cut out a round ‘tummy’ shape and hot glue it to one of the bunnies.
  4. Now you’ll want to ‘stuff’ the bunny and hot glue the two pieces together. If you’re more crafty you could sew this and have it look real cute! I used cotton balls to stuff mine. I hot glued half of the bunny together, let dry and gently filled it with cotton balls (about 2 cotton balls total per bunny) and then finished the glue so it was all sealed.
  5. I added a small pom-pom tail and some shimmery fabric I had to the ears!
  6. I also made little ‘sleeping bags’ out of felt and ribbon for them to slide into!

Easter Confetti Poppers

And my friend Joanna made these CUTE confetti poppers that I’m going to make this week for the girls! You can follow Joanna on Instagram here for more cute ideas and check out her video here!


Empty toilet paper roll
Rubber balloon 
Cardstock or reg. piece of paper
Construction paper
Hot glue
Googly eyes (optional)
Pom Pom for nose and tail (optional) Can use cotton balls or const. paper instead


Cut the top (about 1/2 inch) off of your rubber balloon. Tie the other end of the balloon in a knot. Place the open end over one end of the TP roll. The roll may collapse at the a bit. Fold up about 3/4 of a page of cardstock so it’s long and skinny but thick. Roll it into a circle and pushed it down into the inside end of the TP roll where the balloon is around on the outside. This should make it more sturdy around the edges and not collapse. 

Now the fun part!

Wrap your desired color of construction paper around the TP roll evenly covering it. Tape or glue the paper together at the back. Then, draw or glue on the eyes, nose, whiskers etc. Cut out ears, feet (for bunny) egg shell and wings (for chick) and any other features you may want. Glue them on. Last, the most important part! Fill the inside of the TP roll with confetti! Cut out a circle of paper to close off the top of the TP roll and hot glue it on. This way the confetti stays put. That’s it! When it’s time to blast the confetti just gently remove the circle “lid” and discard. Hold the roll at about a 45° angle, pull back the balloon knot, let go and

Easter Wands

These are the CUTEST wands! We’ve accumulated too many DIY wands right now around here but these would make an adorable addition to your basket! You can get the tutorial from @MyThreeWonders on Instagram!

Bunny Bags

These little bunny bags are SO stinkin’ cute. You can get the tutorial from @ChasingNostalgia on Instagram, she has the tutorial saved in a highlight.




DIY Easter Basket Fillers


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