7 Toddler Activities To Do With Plastic Easter Eggs



I know I’m not the only one with a ton of plastic Easter eggs hanging around right now! I’ve gathered up all the toddler activities we’ve tried with plastic Easter eggs so far along with some new ones. I plan on keeping a basket of these eggs out after Easter to use over the next few months!

Shaving Cream Eggs

These were a big hit with Flora (age 2) and kept her busy when I needed to do work with Piper. I used them in our sensory bin table and filled the other side with water and cups after she played with them for a bit.

Pattern Stacking

This is great for older toddlers, if you have enough eggs you can set out examples of the patterns for them to re-create and stack. If not you can use markers to color them on paper and then have your child stack! You can also incorporate counting into this activity!

Alphabet Matching

This is like memory but with letters! You can cut up our alphabet print x2 and hide the letters under eggs. Start with a small amount and work your way up!

Puzzle Letters

Hide puzzle letters in the eggs to give your toddler more of a challenge when putting together an alphabet puzzle. I added this to the sensory rice to make it even more fun and we spent a solid 20 minutes going through every letter and the sounds they make. My friend Mandy did a similar version of the activity but hid the eggs around making it a fun hunt!

Sensory Rice Play

This is one of Flora’s favorites….really anything with sensory rice is but she could sit and pour and scoop the rice into the eggs for ever! Try using a deep bin like the one below from Target if you don’t have a sensory table.

Easter Egg Balance Races

This game was so fun! You can do it with one child too, just don’t make it a race! Try setting a timer to see how many eggs your child can transfer from basket to basket using a wooden spoon to balance! You can also practice color recognition and counting!

Simple Water Play

Pouring and scooping water is a favorite with Flora. This is actually the first way we introduced the plastic eggs for play and it continues to be a hit whenever I need a few minutes to get something done I just toss them in the sensory bin with a little bit of water!

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7 Toddler Activities To Do With Plastic Easter Eggs


  1. Kadie says:

    Thank you for the ideas! I’m a preschool teacher, and I will definitely be sharing them with our parents. :)

  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing good activities

  3. Agnes says:

    Where did you buy those pearl like eggs? I also love the colored paper you use in activities. Are you willing to share sources. Love your activities and your color scheme in the stuff you make!

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