Over 30 Quarantine Dinner Ideas



Day #2345345 of cooking quarantine diner for the family and I am in a major rut. So I sat down and spent a solid hour browsing Pinterest and my cookbooks for ideas over the weekend and I came up with a big list of meals I can make that will feed my family. I also asked on Instagram to hear about what you guys are making and I’ve included all your ideas, finding recipe links when possible! I hope this serves as a resource for you during these challenging times!

Quarantine Dinner Ideas I’m Making

Sweet Potato Curry

Spring Risotto With Peas & Asparagus

Turkey Burgers & Tater Tots (or make your own oven roasted sweet potato fries)

Cauliflower Alfredo with Pasta & Broccoli (made this last night)

Fried Rice (I like to serve this with sheet pan tofu, add in chicken or frozen potstickers)

Better Than Takeout Pad Thai (this is soooo good)

Greek Gyro Bowls or Wraps

Meatball Parmesan Pasta

Meatball Subs from Chrissy Tiegen

Patty Melts from Chrissy Tiegen

Skillet Lasagna

Sweet Potato & Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Sweet Potato, Kale & Black Bean Enchiladas

Coconut Chicken Curry

Pierogies & Turkey Sausage (we get frozen Pierogies when we spot them available)

Tacos – So many ways to make these fun and different every week! Try chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, cauliflower & chickpea.

Grilled Cheese – Make them fun, add slices of apple to cheddar or pesto to mozzarella.

And here are all the ideas from the community!

One Pot Greek Pasta (can easily make this not vegan)

Slow Cooker Pulled BBQ Chicken

One Pot Hamburger Helper

Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs

Game Time Chicken

Turkey Pesto Meatloaf (can use pre-made pesto)

One Pot Creamy Cauliflower Mac & Cheese (pair it with chicken or salmon)

Baked Pasta With Bolognese

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

Pesto Pizza Rolls

Chicken Shawarma

Smitten Kitchen’s One Pot Farro With Tomatoes & Onions

Eggroll In A Bowl

Braised Chicken Marsala

Southwest Chicken Skillet




Over 30 Quarantine Dinner Ideas


  1. Kristine Bellah says:

    Thank you for all the ideas! I love your blog!

  2. These are so great! Thank you!

    I am also a new follower. Just found you a few weeks before all the corona craziness. Your posts have been such an encouragement during this time!

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