Flora’s 9 Month Update



Seems I blinked and now Flora is 9 months. It’s hard to believe that I’ve started to plan her 1st birthday party already! Here’s a little update on how our girl is doing. She caught her first bad cold of the season at the end of last week and is slowly on the mend.


Flora just had her 9 month doctor visit and is almost 18lb and is 27.5lbs. And our doctor is really pleased with her growth so I feel good!


We are still on our same feeding routine and Flora nurses every time she wakes up — so roughly 7am, 11am, 3pm, (5:30pm bonus feeding) and then a 6oz bottle of pumped milk before bed around 6:30pm. We are still working on solids. Flor has a bit of a gag reflux so I’m going slower with the different textures but still trying to keep her on track. We have a long list of food that she has tried and are considered safe. We are going for blood work and back to the allergist next month to see what her levels look like and determine if she’s a candidate for an in-office food challenge for dairy & egg. Crossing my fingers for that! You can read more about her allergies here. I’m still on my dairy, egg, nut, fish-free diet. I have been sneaking in a little dairy (cheese) and egg (mayo etc.) here and there and we haven’t noticed any issues. Flora’s skin has been REALLY clear lately with the exception of her mouth – since she’s drooling its usually pretty red around that area.


Flora is on the move ‘army crawling’ everywhere she can, rocking on all 4’s and pulling up on things her height. She definietly does not want to be contained! Loves playing with Piper, entertains herself for at least 30 minutes happily and is really into the sensory bags I have been making her. Peek-a-boo is her favorite and always makes her laugh. She has 2 teeth and a 3rd on the way. Though she was saying MAMA and DADA a lot – she seems to have stopped ?? Ha!


Flora is on the same sleep routine for the most part but her naps are tending to be a little shorter. She takes one at 9am and 1pm.  She’s still a go-with-the-flow girl and if I need to have her skip a nap she does OK. Working to get back into our 2hr nap routine though!


Beaba Babycook is back in action, although it really never went away since I use it to cook for myself all the time, too! I get asked about this product so much and whether or not I think it’s worth it and my answer is always YES! Put it on your registry! I got it for Christmas and it’s been a total lifesaver for cooking Flora’s and Piper’s food. I use it almost every day and cleanup is a breeze!


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Flora’s 9 Month Update



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