Pumpkin Crispy Treats

September 19, 2018

I had a leftover bag of marshmallows from our summer camping trip that I’ve been wanting to use to make rice krispy treats (nice dairy, egg-free treat I can eat) but when I spotted the Pumpkin O’s in our shelf the other day I thought why not give these a try! I picked up the Pumpkin O’s at Trader Joe’s but think other grocery stores are carrying something similar these days. They make the perfect after-school treat :)¬† Cat plate is from Pottery Barn Kids

Pumpkin Crispy Treats 

1 package of marshmallows
3 tbs butter (or dairy-free butter alternative)
5 cups of pumpkin cereal

Over low heat stir marshmallows and butter until completely melted. Immediately stir in cereal and remove from heat. Press into a greased glass baking dish, let cool and then cut into squares.




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