Friday Finds + Mom Fails



It was a good week! Finally, I’m feeling back into the swing of things and much better than I have the past few months. This week I started taking morning walks with Piper to start the day and it’s been wonderful to exercise, get fresh air and get inspired for the day together.

Finds of the week

MineMine Kids  is a new fashion marketplace for kiddos started by former Neiman Marcus + Bergdorf executives. I love the format of the site!

We just ordered Piper this tiny picnic table for the backyard and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

The Chicken Katsu Recipe Every Kid Will Love.

I got my first dresses from Sonnet James (wearing this one above) and they fit so well and are also comfortable and great for wearing with Piper.

The state of our Nation’s public school lunch system  = not looking good.

The 5 best non-toxic mascara’s. I’ve tried the W3ll People one but none of the other’s, have you?

Fails of the week

Had a major problem crossing tasks off my to-do list.

Our bedroom has been a mess since the big makeover reveal and I haven’t unpacked from my wedding 2 weeks ago.

Didn’t cook the healthiest dinners, but they were tasty :)

Piper’s sleep schedule has been out of whack, she’s been waking up at 5:30/6am and is so cranky by 6pm that we’ve been putting her to bed early. Instead of trying to get her back on schedule.

I’ve been giving Piper the snacks she requests in the morning to give myself some time to drink coffee and wake up instead of just making her healthy breakfast (that comes later). I’m really trying to be strict about the snacks so this is a big fail!



Image by Anna Reynal 




Friday Finds + Mom Fails



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